Best Above Ground Pools in 2020

Spending quality time with friends and family is something that everyone looks forward to do during the weekends.

Best Above Ground Pools in the backyard

The luxury of having a swimming pool in the backyard makes it even more relaxing.

This is where best above ground pools come in handy.

It is no hidden fact that best above ground pools are easy to set up and also budget-friendly.

But if you fail to get the right type for your backyard, you will end up feeling devastated rather then happy!

Certainly, you don’t want that to happen!

This guide on the best above ground pools will help you in making those weekends perfect with our well-researched buying guide.

You will learn about:

  • Everything that you need to know about above ground pools
  • The constraints that go into selecting a pool for your backyard
  • How to compare different pools and choose the right one

So let’s take a deep dive into finding a swimming pool for you!

The 15 Best Above Ground Pools in 2020

Choosing an above ground pool can be a tricky affair. I have researched and personally tried some of the best above ground pools. This has helped me narrow down affordable and durable pools.

Here is a list of the best above ground pools that are available in the market.

1) Intex Ultra Frame Pool

Intex Ultra Frame Pool 650The above-ground pools offered by Intex are easy to set up and durable.
Ultra Frame Pool by Intex is powder-coated to make it resistant to rust and can be easily set up in under 90 minutes.

It includes a DVD set that has elaborate instructions on how to set up and maintain the above ground pool.

The Ultra Frame Pool is made from superior quality laminated PVC material sidewalls that extend the life and prevents wear and tear.

It is available in two shapes – rectangular and round. The design looks spectacular and renders a premium look to your backyard.

The height of the pool is 52 inches.

You have to install it at a place where the ground is leveled. The accompanying water pump and sand filters ensure that the water remains clean. It is ideal for a small family of 2 to 5.

The best part about this pool set is that it comes with added accessories like a removable ladder, ground cloth, and debris cover.

The reason for its popularity is that it can be dismantled and reassembled at a different location without much hassle. You can also dismantle and keep it away for the offseason, to enhance its longevity.

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2) Intex Metal Frame Pool

Intex Metal Frame PoolOne of the best above ground pools, the Intex Metal Frame is a value for money offering.

Just like the Ultra Frame, it is strong and easy to set up. It has laminated PVC sidewalls and comes as a complete kit. You can set this up in just 30 minutes!

Intex Metal Frame is made from puncture-resistant 3-ply durable material that enhances the life of the pool.

The accompanied saltwater filter can clean the whole pool in under 2 hours, making the water fresh and perfect to swim.

The small and compact design of the pool is what makes it popular for a small family.

A super convenient drain plug connects to the garden hose which lets you drain out the water easily.

The pool can comfortably accommodate up to 4 adults and even 8 if the need arises.

It is also equipped with a safety feature that can shut off the water pump if electricity is exposed to water.

The pool is available in round shape.

If you are looking for an affordable and feature-rich above ground pool for your backyard, this is the one that you need to get.

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3) Summer Waves Wicker Print Pool

Summer Waves Wicker Print PoolThe most striking feature of this pool is that it comes in a deep-colored Herringbone pattern.

It gives an effulgent look to your backyard and breaks away from the monotonous blue and grey patterns of other above ground pools.

Summer Waves Wicket Print Pool is 16-Foot in diameter and has been made from high strength metal frames that have been galvanized to make them rust-resistant.

Incredible thing is that it comes as a complete kit. You get the SFX1500 twin purpose filter and pump that gets attached to the sidewalls of the pool.

The walls are constructed from triple layer polyester mesh and heavy-gauge durable PVC materials.

Easy install options give you the luxury of having it set up in 45 minutes.

The kit includes a floor cover, debris cover and a standard maintenance kit.

Though the premium design makes it one of the best above ground pools, it is slightly heavier than others.

The ladder is of average quality and does not seem to withstand heavy usage.

There are multiple height options to choose from. Considering the design and features the pool offers, it is good.

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4) Summer Escapes Pool

Summer Escapes 15 ft PoolSimilar in design and features from the Intex models, this pool is available at a much cheaper price.

In addition to that, it offers extended flexibility and size options.

One of the best above ground pools for small children to have fun and enjoy their summers.

Setting up this pool does not require much effort and you do not even need to level the ground.

These pools are designed in a tube pattern and have solid plastic walls.

There are two varieties of this pool – one with a metal frame and another without the frame.

Both the Summer Escapes pool comes with a pump and filtration system.

It also has an inbuilt chlorine dispenser to make the process of cleaning the water easy.

Though they come at a reasonably low price, there is no compromise on the quality.

The sidewalls are made from triple layer poly strength PVC and have a strong bottom surface.

If you are not a big fan of swimming but are still searching for an above ground pool for your children, the Summer Escapes are certainly the ones that you can pick from.

Budget-friendly and availability of multiple size variant make it a perfect pool option to have frequent sessions of relaxation in your backyard.

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5) Splash Pools Round Package

The 52 inches deep round pool comes with a 1 Horsepower sand filter and backs an appealing design, built from exceptionally durable materials.

It features strong hot-dipped galvanized steel components that can withstand all-weather use.

It does take quite a lot of effort to set up and you would surely need the help of others.

Nevertheless, once you have installed it, you will definitely find it worth the effort.

These are available in considerably large sizes.

The smallest one measures 18’ by 52’’ and the largest one 45’ by 52”. Depending upon the number of members in the family, you can pick a size that will accommodate everyone.

All the major components – top rails, vertical rail connector, and bottom rails are painted and galvanized to provide protection against rust.

The set comes with a vinyl liner that can extend up to 20 gauges.

A resin ladder with a safety barrier adds a layer of security to your above ground pool set.

The product has a longstanding warranty of 15 years and is made from quality materials. The 7-inch hot-dipped steel sidewalls make it usable, all throughout the year.

If you are looking forward to investing in a permanent solution for having an above ground pool then you can consider this option.

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6) Coleman Lay-Z Spa

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Hut SpaIf you are figuring out a way to keep the water in your pool warm, then Coleman Lay-Z Spa is certainly the above ground pool you should get.

It packs a powerful hydromassage system that stimulates bubble jets, providing warm water with great comfort. A digital control panel and automatic filtration ensure that the water remains clean.

An incredible I-Beam design provides stability and comfort to the users. You do not have to think before resting against the walls as the I-Beam technology prevents the pool from flipping.

Coleman Lay-Z Spa features TriTech technology which consists of 3-ply reinforced materials that provide a longer lifespan.

A digital control panel with an automatic heating system ensures that you get uninterrupted and regulated warm water.

The water filter automatically gets started when the heating system is switched on. The floor of the Spa is made with air pad technology which keeps the bottom insulated and does not let the heat escape.

The outer walls are inflatable which also aids in keeping the water warm. Getting this in your backyard will no longer require heading to the spa.

Coleman Lay-Z Spa is an inexpensive way to avail comfort, right at your home.

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7) Blue Wave Samoan 18ft x 52in

One of the best above ground pools, the Samoan pool is made from high-quality rust-resistant steel and is available at a competitive price.

The sidewalls are sturdy and the fascinating looks will improve the whole feel of your backyard. The height of the pool is 52 inches which makes it attractive for young adults.

The steel sections of the pool have been coated to provide protection from rusting. This extends the working life of the pool and lets you have fun in the pool for years to come.

A detailed instruction booklet has been provided with the pool set that guides you in setting up the Samoan Pool.

There are several accessories provided with the pool set – pool maintenance kit, A-frame flip protection ladder, and a chemical kit.

The chemical kit has 4 chlorine tablets, 1 concentrated algaecide, 5 pounds of pH enhancer, 6 pounds of pH reducer and 1 pound of chlor-boost shock.

This makes pool maintenance a tad easier.

30-year limited warranty on the Samoan 18×12 above ground pool is really beneficial.

The free chemical kit provided with the set is something that other manufacturers must follow.

It greatly helps in keeping the pool clean for the initial months.

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8) Embassy Pools 24 x 52

A high end above ground pool, it is one of the strongest and most appealing above ground pools available.

Enamel baked with an eloquent texture of tan, the Embassy Pool will certainly make you frequent the pool once it is installed. Resign color top connects, perfectly syncs with the rest of the pool set.

The hot-dipped galvanized steel walls have a soft and smooth finish. 52- inch hot-dipped galvanized copper walls have a vertical strength that is hard to match.

Staggered bolts also add to the durability of the pool and make it one of the best above ground pools.

24 feet large size of the pool can accommodate the number of people. This makes taking a dive into the pool much more fun.

Embassy Pools comes with all the equipment you need – 17 inches sand filter, Deluxe platform ladder, 1 HP PR Omega pump, skimmer, and a blueliner.

A 35-year warranty speaks volumes about the built of the product. The company is confident about its product and understands the need for providing quality above ground pool to the customers.

Though this is priced on the higher side, the quality and features are worth it!

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9) Splash Pools Oval Package

It is similar to the round package above ground pool by Splash Pools.

However, the main difference is in the shape of the pool. This comes in an elongated oval shape which makes the pool look larger.

The oval design makes it look more elegant and requires more space than other above ground pools.

Splash Pools Oval has G-60 hot-dipped galvanized walls with multiple layers of protection.

A 7” painted steel frame and 20 gauge vinyl liner give you the luxury of using it in any type of weather.

It comes with an A-frame ladder and a Sand filtration system. The high duty components are made with an aim to make this a permanent solution for your backyard.

Setting up these pools is not an easy task and might require the help of a professional.

You should also level the land before attempting to install the pool.

It might take a few days to set up the pool as the process is time-consuming.

They are available in different sizes, ranging from 18 ft to 45 ft. All of them have a height of 52 inches.

For seasoned swimmers this lets you swim in laps or even in circles. The pool is easy to maintain and completely safe for children.

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10) Fitmax iPool

Fitmax iPool3The name of this pool is enough to give you an idea about the features it packs.

Fitmax iPool is unlike any other pool. It is designed to give a robust and enriching exercise therapy, right inside your pool.

You can set it up in just an hour and requires an area of only 6 square meters.

We all know the several benefits that swimming has to offer. It helps to improve heart rate, build muscle tone, stabilize weight and enhance cardiovascular activity.

With the Fitmax iPool, staying fit goes to another level. It brings the luxury of swimming and excise therapy to your backyard.

The Fitmax iPool has a strap that you can attach to your waist which lets you practice your swimming routine, without having to worry about the size of the pool.

If that is not enough, there are also jets that propel currents, making it feel like swimming in the ocean.

PVC coated materials ensure low maintenance costs and longer durability.

These are extremely affordable and come with accessories like heater, ladder, 2500 gph pump and filter, floor sheet, repair kit, and cover.

The best part is that you can make additions to your pool with Fitmax Pool Accessories which makes it one of the best above ground pools.

These will make your exercise therapy even more impactful.

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11) Intex Mini Frame Pool

Intex Mini Frame Pool for KidsIntex is one of the pioneers in manufacturing the best above ground pools. The Intex Mini Frame Pool is conveniently priced and has all the basic features that you need.

But at the outset, let me tell you that this is only a basic pool and is designed specifically for children or casual use.

Bottom and sides of the pool are constructed from strong vinyl and like other pools it has galvanized steel frames.

This prevents the frames from rusting. The padding of horizontal beams protects children from getting hurt. It is extremely easy to set up and does not require leveling of the ground.

It measures 48 by 48 inches and has a height of 12 inches.

It has a depth that is considerably less than most other best above ground pools in the market. You can consider buying the Intex Mini Frame if your purpose is just to relax and take a dip in the pool.

The best part is that it can be comfortably moved around and you can also dismantle it in the offseason, without much hassle. Running short of space and money can no longer deter you from buying a new above ground pool.

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12) Heritage Above Ground Pools

 These are solid and sturdy offerings from Heritage.

There are two models of Heritage pools available – Yosemite and Taos. The pools are spacious, easy to set up and have a height of 52 inches.

Both these models come with sand filters and water pumps, thus preventing you from spending extra money.

You also get a standard design A-ladder with the pool sets.

The Heritage Pool Yosemite model comes in round shape and has baked enamel steel multi-layered walls.

It measures 15 feet in diameter, making it fit for a large family. The Heritage Yosemite comes with a heavy-duty resin ladder with entry barriers.

Setting up the pool might be a little time-consuming. It has a warranty of 20 years.

Heritage Taos Pool comes in oval shape design and is similar in features with the Heritage Yosemite pool. It measures 33 feet by 18 feet.

A vinyl liner and printed bottom make it look elegant in your backyard. The 7” steel ledges have been galvanized for enhanced endurance.

The durable pool comes with a 25-year warranty.

Installing the pools might require professional help and it is best advised to level the ground before you proceed with installation work.

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13) Bestway Steel Pro Frame Pool

Bestway Steel Pro Frame PoolDesigned keeping the convenience of installation in mind, Bestway Steel Pro Frame can be set up easily.

It weighs only 90.7 pounds and measures 15 feet in diameter.

With a depth of 48 inches, it can hold around 4,500 gallons of water.

This gives the exact feel of swimming in a large inground pool. The walls of the pool have been constructed using 3 ply technology.

Two layers of heavy gauge PVC and a middle layer made from polyester mesh adds durability to the pool.

The steel frames of the walls are designed in a T-shape with C- clips. This provides proper interlocking of the steel frames to give adequate support to the walls.

PVC flaps hide the connectors making it look beautiful and safe for children.

One of the unique features of this pool is that it has a drain control valve built into the lining.

This helps you to drain the water and store the pool set when not in use.

The major drawback with the Bestway Steel Pro Frame is that it does not come with a water pump and ladder. It means you will have to invest money in purchasing it separately.

Though this is slightly compensated by the cheap price tag it has.

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14) Blue Wave Belize Package

Blue Wave Belize Pool PackageThis is a large-sized above ground pool set that makes swimming a great experience.

Rich and polished design with strong form factor makes it one of the best above ground pools in the market.

The walls are made from high strength materials that prevent the pool from flipping or developing leakages.

It is one of the few pools that has been coated with Star Galfan galvanization This acts as a superior guard against rusting from moisture.

The top resin has been constructed using two layers of fiber reinforcements that extend the life of the pool set. Even the bolts are zinc coated to ensure that the joints do not disintegrate over time.

Blue Wave Belize package includes all the necessary equipment.

A 1.5 horsepower pump and sand filter machine rapidly clean the water. It has a wide-mouth skimmer to ensure a decent speed of flow.

The filter is efficient and keeps the water next to crystal clear.

Blue Wave Belize Pool is available in multiple size options with the largest measuring 27 feet in diameter. The depth of the models ranges from 48 to 52 inches.

If the location that you are considering is big enough to install a large size pool, then you can consider buying this.

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15) Bestway’s Inflatable Hot Tubs

Bestway Helsinki AirJet Hot TubIf you are on the lookout for a portable hot tub, then Bestway has all the options you need.

They offer ultra-portable and affordable above ground pools that are compact and loaded with features.

Setting them up is easy and the water can get warm in just 10 minutes.

There are different models available, each offering unique features like multiple modes, LED lights and drainage and filter systems.

Lay-Z-Spa Miami has a capacity of 254 gallons and can accommodate up to 4 people. TriTech material and PVC lamination ensure that the pool lasts for years to come.

It comes with an inflatable cover that keeps the water warm for longer durations.

SaluSpa Paris Air Jet with LED is one of the best above ground pools to make you feel relaxed and calm. Like the previous one, this one also has a capacity of 250 gallons.

7 colored LED strips present in the inflatable pool makes it hard to miss. You can even control the light from a remote.

SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro has 8 modes of adjustable hydro and bubble jets.

This soothes your skin and does not let the warm water make you feel uncomfortable. It has a capacity of 210 gallons and has a sturdy polyester mesh core that is embedded with 2 layers of PVC for extra protection.

All of these can heat the water up to a maximum of 40 degrees.

They come with water pumps and a DVD guide for set up and maintenance. Inflatable pools cost only a few hundred dollars and can be easily moved from one place to another.

This is why many homeowners prefer to buy this.

Bestway Pools do not require high maintenance needs. The saltwater system in some of the models helps to clean water without much effort.

Different models offered by Bestway ensure that you do not have to compromise on the quality.

You can choose just the one that suits your needs and enjoy the hot spa with your family and friends.

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Above Ground Pool Buying Guide

Buying a swimming pool is not something you do frequently. It is very similar to buying a car.

You buy a car and surely plan on using it for several years down the future.

This makes it important to consider every minute detail before you arrive at a decision to buy a particular type of swimming pool.

But before we move on to looking into individual swimming pools, you need to have an idea about the different types of swimming pools.

What exactly is the above ground pool?

Now, this is a significantly important question. Many of you have just heard about the term swimming pool and are completely clueless about what the above ground swimming pool means!

Even I was in your shoes a few years ago.

But, I will be kind enough to throw some light on it.

Principally there are two distinct kinds of swimming pools

  • Inground Swimming Pools
  • Above Ground Swimming Pools

1) Inground Swimming Pools

Inground Pool with jungle view

These are widely constructed swimming pools that are made from materials like fibreglass, metal, concrete and natural stone.

It is constructed in an area that has been excavated and can hold large volumes of water. Inground pools can be customized according to the size and are permanent structures that last for anything between 8-15 years.

Inground pools require a lot of money and time in their construction.

Generally, it is commercial organizations and institutes who install Inground swimming pools on their premises.

Though they are expensive, it is the standard pool option found in most places like hotels, clubs and large residential buildings.

2) Above Ground Swimming Pools

The second type of pools is above ground pool

Above ground pools, on the other hand, are small, temporary non-permanent structures that are constructed with polymer or steel structures.

These are available at a fraction of the cost of inground swimming pool systems and are easy to set up.

Some of the best above ground pools are portable and can be transported to different places if required.

They are the kind of swimming pools that you must get if you do not have the budget or space to install an Inground swimming pool.

Our guide will focus on the best above ground swimming pools.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Above Ground Pool

1) Location – Do this right and you won’t see any leakage in your pool

Now, this is one of the most important factors that will influence your buying decision.

Finding a convenient and comfortable location to install the pool is a daunting task.

You need to consider the proximity of the location to an electrical box, safety provisions available and nearby obstacles like gardens, fences, sheds, and trees.

For safety considerations. it is advised to have a minimum distance of 2 to 5 feet between your pool and nearby obstacles.

Electrical pumps will be required to water your pool. You cannot run the pumps on an extension cord, making it necessary to have your pool located near an electrical box.

Also, a flat and levelled surface is required, otherwise, the pool will be prone to develop leakages and cracks.

The location you are considering must have ample space to install a fence or wall. This will guard against unattended access to the swimming pool by children.

Installing an alarm or fencing the pool can also resolve this issue. Most homeowners prefer to install their above ground pools in the backyard.

The added advantage of some of the best above ground pools is that they can be dismantled and reassembled at a different location.

However, this is a tiring process and you would rather enjoy bathing in the pool than reassembling it in the scorching heat.

So, you should carefully evaluate the location that is most convenient to you and accordingly buys a pool of your choice.

2) Space Available

Here is where most buyers go wrong.

Backyard with grass and tress around

They trust their instincts and end up making the wrong purchase.

After you have identified a suitable location to install an above-ground swimming pool, you should spend time measuring the dimensions of the area.

Size measurements and space requirements of all the above-ground pools are readily available on the internet.

Accurately measuring the area will help you determine which size and type of pool can be installed in the available space.

3) Budget

Like every other purchase consideration, your decision to buy an above ground pool is constrained by the budget.

Though they are available at a fraction of the cost of inground swimming pools, above ground pools are also available in different types and different price ranges.

They can cost anything between $500 to $5000.

The price of the pool will depend upon the size and shape of the pool.

The type of material from which it has been made will also affect the price of the pool.

Higher priced pools are made from better quality materials and are bigger in size.

There are multiple options of pools available at all different price ranges. Considering your budget, you can select an above ground pool of your choice.

4) Pool Type – See which pool type person you are

After you have decided on the budget, you can explore the various types of pools available in the market.

Essentially there are three types of pools – steel pools, resin pools, and aluminium pools.

Steel pools are considered the strongest and are the cheapest.

However, they are prone to rust and corrosion. Modern above ground pools have a galvanized coating to act as a safeguard against rust and corrosion. Though this helps to an extent, the pools do tend to get rusted over time.

Aluminium pools are not prone to corrosion. They are best suited for areas that experience harsh weather.

The only drawback is that prolonged exposure to open weather can lead to oxidation.

Resin pools, people prefer this. These do not oxidize or rust, making them last longer without a significant impact on the strength and health of the pool.

The only downside is that they can crack or fade with time.

You can select an above ground pool after carefully evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

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5) Shape & Depth – Because shape matters

Above ground pools are available in three different shapes – round, oval and square.

Though there is not much difference in terms of features, it is perceived that oval pools have larger capacities.

However, this is not the case as the capacity to hold water depends upon the height and size of the pool.

Depending upon the location and your budget you can purchase an above ground pool of any shape.

Selecting a shape is largely your individual preference and has nothing to do with the quality or features of the pool.

The height of the pool is also an important factor that you will have to look into. Different models of above ground pools are available in different heights.

Mostly, the walls of above ground pools have a height of 48 inches, 52 inches, and 54 inches.

It actually depends upon the model you choose.

If you prefer a pool that is deep, then you can buy the 52 or 54 inches model.

You should also consider the age group of people who are going to use the pool. If small children are going to use it than having an above ground pool with a smaller height would be logical and safe.

6) Ease of Installation – Are you OK with spending a couple of days installing a pool? No, then must read this.

Many models of pools can be installed all by yourself.

However, some of them require the help of professionals to get them fitted. The fences and liners require precision tools to make them strong and aligned.

Improper alignment might lead to cracks and patches in your above ground pool.

In many cases, you might also have to level the land before even placing the rails on the ground.

Connecting the supporting rail and installing the pool base is a complicated process.

You have to be extremely careful while setting up your above ground pool and make sure you do not end up hurting yourself.

Consider the availability of a professional before deciding to purchase an above ground pool.

Some pools can be installed within a day while some might require a couple. This completely depends upon the type of pool that you decide to purchase.

Other Factors that You Need to Look Into

While we have already covered the major factors that you should consider before buying an above ground pool, here is a list of some other important things that you should also consider.

Getting Pump and Water Filters

If you thought to buy an above ground pool system was enough, let me tell you that it is not!

Pool Filter

A pump is an important tool that you need, the function of which is to keep the water circulating inside the pool.

The circulating water passes through the filters at the back and gets it cleaned.

Without a pump and filter system, the water in your pool will remain stagnant.

This will make it like a cesspool rather than a swimming pool.

The good thing is that pumps are not as expensive as the pool itself, allowing you to keep your budget constrained.

For the filter type, you can install any of the different types of filters available.

The most common types are the sand filter, cartridge, and DE (Diatomaceous Earth) filters. After considering the quality of water in your area, you can buy the one that would be best suited for your pool.

Also, some of the best above ground pools come in a set and have all the essentials delivered with them.

Sanitation and Cleaning

Above ground pools are exposed to the open weather. This makes the water susceptible to bacterial and algae formation.

You need to sanitize the water to keep it fresh and potable for use.

There are various ways by which you can do that.

Chlorine is one of the most widely used chemicals to cleanse the water inside pools. You can use chlorine tablets to sanitize the water.

Using a chlorine dispenser to let the tablets dissolve is an efficient way. You can also use salt chlorine as it gets converted to free chlorine when dissolved in water and then reverts back to salt.

The method most suitable for your above ground pool will depend upon the size and type of the pool.

A large-sized pool will involve higher considerations in terms of the costs and time involved. Keeping your pool clean will extend the lifetime of your investment.

Entry and Exit System

This is something which everyone gives a miss!

Pool Ladder

Many pool sets do not come with ladders or pool entry systems. Having the best above ground pools but not having a ladder system might make it difficult to access the pool.

Ladders can be attached to the deck and it helps by providing a single point entry and exit from the pool.

This helps to preserve and maintain the quality of water in the pool.

You need to identify and purchase a ladder or pool entry system that can be installed on the above ground pool you plan on buying.

Multiple types of ladders are available in the market, the most common being A-type ladders. These ladders provide a convenient entry and exit point from the pool.

Heating and Lighting

If you stay in an area that gets a spell of severe cold during the winters, you could consider installing a heater in your pool.

Pool Heater

In the absence of a heater, right at the onset of winter, you will run out of opportunities to take a dip into the water.

Installing a pool heater will help to warm the water and prolong the use of the pool, well into the winter season.

It can be a wise investment for your entire family.

For you, we have written an ultimate guide on best pool heaters.

You can also install lights in your above ground pool. Though this is not necessary, it has a number of benefits to offer.

Installing lights in and around your above ground pool will make it usable even at night. This will help to make the most out of your pool.

Call your friends over in the evening and you can have a party running late into the night.

This will make the feeling of owning an above ground pool in your backyard even more incredible.

A few cans of beer and snacks could make it better!

Advantages of Above Ground Pool

1) Budget Pools

Cheap above ground pools are a great option for families and individuals looking for budget pools.

The pool comes in various budget ranges provided by different brands that do not compromise on quality or look and feel. Cheap swimming pools have overtaken in-ground pools in terms of affordability and budget.

2) Hassle-Free Installation

Installing an above ground pool is much easier and less time consuming than a normal swimming pool.

The pool packages provide instruction manuals that help one to install and construct a pool with little to no knowledge.

Professional help is also readily available to which adds up a minimal amount to the pool installation costs.

3) Variety of Options

The pool is available in various shapes and sizes that almost fit the needs of all types of outdoor spaces and backyards.

This gives the buyer a lot of choices and alternatives to fulfil the desires of having a perfect swimming pool.

4) Transferability

One of the biggest advantages of owning a pool is the fact that it can be moved from house to house.

In case of an inground pool, shifting your house or changing homes means leaving the pool behind with its new owners.

That is not the case when it comes to pools. It can easily be dismantled just the way it was and reassembled in its new home.

5) Easy Maintenance

In comparison to other swimming pools, the above ground pools come with the ease of maintenance and repair.

Since all its accessories and parts are easily accessible, the budget pool is easier to sustain for a long period of time. This, in turn, saves up the cost for repair and cleaning.

Pool Accessories

1) Pool Lights

If you are one who loves to take a plunge into the pool during evenings or maybe just dips your feet into the water after dinner at night, then the first add-on you should get is a pool light.

There are an array of options to choose from starting from halogen lights to LED lights to convertible lights and even underwater lights.

2) Pool Cover

Contrary to pool lights which may or may not be included in your accessories list, the above ground pool cover is a must.

A pool cover not only protects the pool water from falling leaves, extreme sunlight or harsh weather conditions but also provides protection from algae, bugs along with keeping the water temperature intact for a swim.

3) Pool Ladder

In order for one to climb up to the pool, above ground pool ladders are useful.

These pool ladders are easy to install, some can be rolled up and locked when not being used, and their heavy build-ups can easily carry up to 300 – 400 lbs of weight.

The ladders come with an easy set of instructions which makes installation simple and undemanding. They also look stylish adding to the overall decor of the budget pool and come with an affordable range.

4) Pool Goggles

If you intend on having a clear underwater vision while swimming, then pool goggles could be something worth investing.

These are not just goggles to provide an anti-blurred vision but also anti-glare which protects your retina against harmful UV rays.

The swimming pool goggles come with an adjustable head-strap which is useful to make sure it fits the head correctly in order to prevent water leakage.

Other features include silicon cushions, anti-fog coating and anti-shatter lenses amongst others.

5) Pool Alarms

Above Ground pools are an absolute must for families with kids and babies.

In order to ensure the safety of the kids and make the pool child-friendly, pool alarms should be one of the basic and foremost pool accessories to consider.

Pool alarm installations are to be done manually and once the setup is done the alarm is always in ‘alert’ mode. Batteries for the above ground pool alarm last for a year and some pool alarms also come with a 1-year warranty.

How Much Do Above Ground and Inground Swimming Pools Cost?

The Biggest question one comes across while deciding on whether or not to Purchase an Above Ground Pool is the question that How much does a Pool Costs?

Most of us like to research to find out about cheap swimming pools or budget pools.

We also look around to learn more about Above Ground Pools for Sale and Cheap Above Ground Pools to make sure we’re getting budget pools.

This Article will acknowledge all such doubts and pain points related to Above Ground Pool Cost and all the related information like Above Ground Pool Installation Cost and how to find Discount Above Ground Pools.

Above Ground Pool vs Inground Pool Pricing

When people think about investing in swimming pools, they often only consider Inground pools.

Most people have not considered getting a pool for their backyard.

But since this post is mainly related to addressing budget pools, no question the pool will always stand victorious.

On average, the Inground pool costs around $40,000 – $50,000.

Whereas an Above Ground Pool Costs around $3000 – $5000 on an average.

So in totality, the amount of money one invests in a swimming pool can easily be used to buy a cheap above ground pool as well as bear the above ground pool installation cost.

In fact, the complete above ground pool package can be purchased including the cost of the above ground pool with deck.

Above Ground Pool Cost Factor

The Cost of Above Ground Pool depends on several factors like Size, Budget, Location, Space, and Requirements.

The cost of pools includes pool Installation cost, maintenance cost and pool kit that comes with the purchase.

The Quality and Size of the pool will have a price implication. Budget and cheap pools are not as long-lasting as High Quality Above Ground Pools.

Complete pool Packages include installation cost which involved extra labor cost required for ground preparation, ground levelling, tree removal, and sand spreading. These are the vital directions needed to be followed by professionals to install any pool.

Pool Size vs Cost

Above ground pool, the cost is vastly determined on the shape and design of the pool.

There are three sizes in which you can choose above ground pool packages – Round, Oval, and Rectangular.

The most common choice in lowering the cost of pools or looking for budget pools is to choose round shaped pools. Those are the best for individuals, couples and nuclear families.

If the requirement for cheap above ground pools is to perform water activities and games like volleyball, basketball or even swimming, then buying an oval above ground pool is the best bet.

The rectangular above ground pool is mainly for bigger families and a gathering of friends or casual pool parties. They are the best for the utilization of any backyard space.

Round 12 ft $1200
Round 15 ft $1700
Round 18 ft $3000
Oval 24 ft x 12 ft $2500
Oval 30 ft x 15ft $3300
Oval 33 ft x 18 ft $3500
Oval 41 ft x 21 ft $4500

Above Ground Pool Maintenance Cost

Above Ground Pool costs include a major portion of maintenance.

1) Pool Skimming

The above ground pool has to be skimmed on a regular basis to cleanse it from leaves, dirt, insects and pool debris. Skimming the above ground pool daily will help to maintain the pool filters and keeping the pool clean from contaminated water.

Cost of Skimmer – $7 to $12

Cost of Automatic Skimmer – $19 to $25

2) Cleaning Pool Using Pump

The pool skimmer cannot keep all parts of the pool safe from dirt and clogging. Hence, the purchase of a pool pump is an absolute necessity.

The pump filter may need replacement once a year depending upon its usability.

If the filter of the pump is clogged, the above ground pool’s water will be unsafe for usage as the pump may stop working.

Cost of Pump – $150 to $200

3) Deep Clean

After pool installation and usage, it is often seen that Debris is formed on the sides and the ground or bottom of the pool. To clean this, a soft-bristled pool brush is needed.

Cost of Pool Brush – $7 to $15

4) Water Testing

To maintain crystal clear and healthy water, regular water testing is required. Preferably twice or thrice a week, the water in the pool needs to be tested on pH and sanitizer.

Cost of Digital Water Tester – $12 to $40

5) Chemicals

The above ground pool water needs to have a proper balance of Chlorine and other chemicals in order to optimize the water safety levels.

For this purpose, the best solution is to use Chlorine Tablets. These tablets clean the pool free from bacteria by slowly dissolving in the water and releasing chlorine.

Cost of Chlorine Tablets – $19 to $60

The Yearly cost for maintaining an above ground pool can be around $250 on an average.

Some may also opt for monthly above ground pool maintenance services by professionals which could cost between $70 to $150 on average.

A well maintained above ground pool can last between 7 to 15 years.

Step-by-Step Pool Construction

Step 1: Permit

After you have chosen which pool to buy from all the budget pools, clearance swimming pools, and cheap pools, the first and foremost thing to do is to get the permit for installing the pool.

To avoid any future troubles with pool installation, search for the local office that deals with swimming pool installation.

You will need to fill out an application with the details about your swimming pool. The office will send over a surveyor who will make sure that your location suits all the necessary requirements for installing an above ground pool.

After the construction permit is received, you may go ahead with the installation process of the pool.

Step 2: Site Selection

Once the construction permit for installing the pool is received, you have to finalize the location for the pool installation.

Once the pool is constructed it will be less likely to shift the place, so the backyard can be an ideal place for a pool. The privacy factor of the location is another thing to consider.

Step 3: Site Preparation

After the location for pool installation is finalized, the first step is to mark the area. The dimensions of the pool need to be marked to make sure the site is properly prepared.

The second step for site preparation while installing a pool is removing the sod. The ground for installing the pool needs to be clear and level for which the surface of the ground with grass needs to be cleared off.

Next, we come to level the ground for pool installation. The entire site needs to be levelled equally before the actual above ground pool installation begins.

Step 4: Installation Process

The first thing to consider is the Drainage option. Before framing the pool, mark the drainage area that supports seamless water transfers.

Build the foundation of the swimming pool by placing the blocks which are essentially stones or patio blocks.

The next step is to assemble the pool walls. Follow the pool’s perimeter wall to ensure the pool is being assembled as per the shape. Connect the walls using nut and bolts.

Finally, the gaps between the walls and the ground need to be filled. Level the inside soil of the above ground pool again.

Step 5: Linear Installation

Linear forms the base of a pool. It is basically a cover made of vinyl which is used to hold the water inside the framework of the pool.

Avoid any air bubbles to form in between the vinyl cover and the ground of the swimming pool. Try to ensure there are no wrinkles or ripples and that the vinyl is attached as perfectly as possible without wear and tear.

Step 6: Technical Installations

Some arrangements for providing electricity to the pool is needed. In order for the pool pump to work and to add pool lighting, an electrical outlet is a must.

Then after the electrical requirements are taken care of, next comes to the pool pumping system.

Pump and filter systems sometimes need professional assistance to install.

But it is of utmost importance as the pool pump and filters remove debris and control the chlorine in the swimming pool.

Step 7: Framing the Pool

One of the final stages while installing a pool is assembling the framework. Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for this process.

Make sure the shape and roundness of the pool stay intact throughout the framing process of the above ground pool.

Take the help of a professional if required or protect yourself using proper equipment and gear. 

Step 8: Fill up the Pool

Now the above ground pool is finally ready to be filled with water.

Before that, carry out an inspection to make sure everything including electricity, pump and filter are properly installed to make sure the budget pool works efficiently.

Start filling the pool with clean uncontaminated water to the brim.

Additional Step: Pool Desing (For Inspiration)

So far we have covered all the elements related to pools cost, including aspects of purchasing cheap pools, budget pools and discussed details of installation cost.

We have also gone through the difference in cost factors between a swimming pool for sale that is an inground pool and above ground swimming pools for sale.

But still many people opt for inground pools because of the look and beauty factor.

They spend almost 3x more than a pool cost because they want to give their backyard a look that makes it difficult for people to take their eyes off.

So, in this section, we’ll be solving that problem and taking care of that demand as well.

The Best DIY project one can do in their backyard is redecorating their pool.

Here are some ideas to help your creative mind generate some weekend family tasks :

1) Pathway and Border

One of the simplest and most efficient ways to decorate the landscape of your pool is to create a walkway and a border around the pool.

The border needs to be at least a foot away from the bottom of the pool. Stones, concrete and decorative rocks can be used.

A pathway leading to the pool not only adds to the beautification of the backyard but also prevents people from walking on the grass and ruining it.

Patio stones can be a good option for the steps.

pool pathways

2) Lighting

The pool can absolutely stand out with a little addition of lighting to the decor of the landscape.

You can do this by adding lights to the pool’s pathway, some surrounding the border and some can also be added to the top of the deck or the frame of the pool. pool lighting ideas

3) Deck

To increase your pool’s overall functionality, value and attractiveness, one of the best above ground pool DIYs can be to build a Deck.

It requires more planning and work than building a pathway or adding lighting but the work sure pays off with the final look.

Building a staircase makes the budget pool looks classy and the deck provides a place for leisure without having the necessity to swim all the time.

pool deck ideas

How to Clean Cloudy Water from Above Ground Pool

It’s summertime and you all must be ready with your pools.

While it is very easy to maintain your above ground pool things may get a bit complicated if you notice cloudy water on your pool.

Cloudy water can be really hazardous and toxic, thus, it must be treated immediately. There can be a number of reasons which can make your pool water cloudy.

Before rushing ahead try and analyze what went wrong?

Is it the season or is there any fungal growth?

Once you identify the reason behind the water being cloudy you can take the necessary actions to get rid of the problem.

cloudy water in pool

The Most Common Reasons for Cloudy Water in Pools are:

1) Formation of Algae

Algae tend to form a layer on the water as well as accumulates on the sides of the walls of the pools.

This makes the water look very cloudy. It also contaminates the water and makes it really unhealthy for any purpose.

2) Chlorine Level Too Concentrated or Dilute

Adding pool chlorine to the water helps you get a safe swimming pool.

Chlorine kills all bacteria and micro-organisms and prevents health problems and diseases. For example Legionnaire’s disease, ear infections, and athlete’s foot.

The chlorine levels of the pool fluctuate depending on the number of people swimming in the pool, the amount of sunlight and rain the pool water receives.

The water may possibly turn opaque or murky if the chlorine level is too high in the pool water.

However, if the chlorine levels drop below a certain point it can lead to cloudiness as well. You should keep checking the chlorine levels of the pool frequently to avoid cloudiness. It is recommended that the amount of chlorine should be around 2.0 to 4.0 parts per million.

4) Filtration Problems

You need to run the pool pump and filter for a few hours every day without fail.

The time span for which you run the pool filter depends on a number of factors such as the size of the pool and the frequency of using the pool as well as the type of filter your pool has (DE filter, cartridge filter and so on)

Mostly, running the pool pump eight hours is good enough.

It you cannot do so there are high chances for the water to become stagnant which can lead to the build-up of tiny particles and debris. This makes the pool water opaque and turbid.

5) High / Low pH

Well, you do not need to have a lot of scientific knowledge to understand this. This is no rocket science but simple scientific fact.

All you need to do is check how acidic or basic your pool water is.

If the pH level of the water is above 8.0 it simply means that the water is too basic for the chlorine to work while if it’s too low i.e., less than 7.0 it can be overly acidic.

If the water becomes too acidic, it tends to corrode the wall and damage it so that it wears away.

The debris and particles can corrode the lining which might cause cloud in the pool water.

6) Excessive Calcium

Apart from chlorine, there are other pool chemicals which can affect the water as well especially calcium.

If the water is too hard, it clearly indicates that there is an excessive amount of calcium in the water. This tends to make the water murky. It not only makes the water cloudy but also damages the pool filter and plumbing.

On the other side of the water lacks the necessary amount of calcium it can wear down the surface and corrode more easily, thus, shortening the swimming pool’s lifespan.

7) Rainwater

Rainwater is said to be the purest form of water.

Well, it’s not the same here.

Even a little amount of rain can cause trouble to your pool by altering the chemical levels in the water such as chlorine and calcium.

It is extremely impractical to cover pools for the sake of rain. Instead, it is more advisable to monitor the pool that you have after the rain stops.

If you find that the water in your pool is cloudy test the pH, chlo.

rine as well as other chemical levels using a test kit and make the necessary adjustments.

How Do You Know Exactly Which Pool Chemical is not Balanced?

To verify if the pool chemicals are imbalanced you can get a fast, accurate and user-friendly test kit.

LaMotte ColorQ Pro 11  is highly recommended as it is one of the best digital test kits for pool water.

Also, it saves a lot of time as is very effective as well. It is perfect for frequent use. It tests the pH, combined chlorine, free chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, cyanuric acid, total alkalinity, calcium hardness as well as other metals such as copper, iron, biguanide and so on.

The pool calculator is used to find out the exact amount of each chemical which should be added. Always remember that the water can get cloudy if the pool chemicals are in excess as well.

Free chlorine is the one which can be added with water while combined chlorine is a combination of ammonia or nitrogen to dilute or oxidize the chemical. The later is also a disinfectant and kills microorganisms. Total chlorine is the sum of free and combined chlorine.

Difference between Free, Combined and Total Chlorine

How Can Cloudy Water be Treated in Case of Chlorine Imbalance?

More the gap between the range of total and free chlorine, the more you find combined chlorine in the pool water.

The amount of combined chlorine shouldn’t be more than 0.5 ppm. 0 ppm is the ideal amount.

Thus, to know the exact level of combined chlorine in the water you must check it every day, especially during summers.

Low level of chlorine can be caused due to heavy rainfall, heavy usage, oxidation of UV light with free chlorine.

If your above ground pool is located outdoors you can use chlorine stabilizer like cyanuric acid.

The acid is really strong, hence, if used over recommended levels, it can disappear all the free chlorine which in turn can lead to the growth of algae and turn the water cloudy.

If in any condition you use a chlorine stabilizer more than the required amount you can always add some pool chlorine to balance it out.

We can conclude by saying that if the level of combined chlorine reads above 0.5 ppm, the water may turn cloudy as well as become quite unsafe for swimming. If such a case arises you should clean your pool immediately with a pool cleaner.

Check pH as well as Total Alkalinity

The pH concentration of the pool water helps in knowing how the chemical’s function, chlorine is one of them.

If the pH level increases over a certain point the chlorine becomes ineffective and by now you must have known the importance of chlorine among all the above ground pool chemicals.

How Can the pH Balance of the Pool be Balanced?

To lower the pH level you need to have a pH reducer like sulfuric or muriatic acid. Anything which is below the pH of 7.0 is too low and can turn the water cloudy.

Now, if the pH level of the pool is less than required, use a pH increaser like In The Swim Pool pH Increaser.

How can the Total Alkalinity be Balanced?

The total alkalinity of the pool should be around 80 to 120 ppm. If the pH levels rise up then it can cause calcium scaling.

Thus, to lower the total alkalinity you can and aerate or muriatic acid to the swimming pool. This will restore the pH levels without adding the pH increaser.

Keep Pool Filtration and Circulation System Clean

A poor filtration system can cause big problems in the water circulation system of the pool.

If the swimming pool water cannot circulate properly, it can become cloudy and stagnant. There are certain steps which you can follow to fix the problem.

  • It must be ensured that the return fittings must be turned down to enable the water in the pool which remains at the bottom to circulate properly. The circulation system, however, depends on the fact as to how the pool has been built.
  • Using the right pump size is extremely essential to clean the water adequately.
  • The swimming pool filter should run long enough. It is best if the pool filters run 24/7, however, home pool filter can run around 8-10 hours a day if it isn’t in use all the time.
  • Remove the particles which tend to block the pool filter as it is the filtration system which keeps the pool water clean. If the filtration system does not work properly, the water may get dirty, cloudy or even develop algae. It’s mostly the large particles which block the filtration system especially cartridge pool filters and diatomaceous earth (D.E).
  • It is important to clean, backwash and replace the cartridge filter and D.E regularly. The cartridge pool filters last up to 2,000 hours and must be replaced in 1-2 years, depending on the frequency of their usage.

Which is the Best Pool Filter?

There are three main types of filters. They are sand pool filter, cartridge pool filter, and diatomaceous earth or DE.

Each type of filter has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The most efficient filter is believed to be DE, followed by the cartridge filter and finally the sand filter.

Let us now look into the different kinds of the filter in details

Public Pools

When it comes to semi-public or public school, a sand filter is by far the best pool filter. The sand may get clogged in the sand filter and destroys its efficiency. Thus, it must be replaced every year with a new one.

Private Pools

In case of private pools, DE and cartridge filters are preferred over sand filters. It is so because they tend to clog more often in public pools and require frequent replacement.

Removal of Foreign Particles and Scrub as Well as Vacuuming the Pool

Another reason for cloudy water is the environment and weather. To fix it and to prevent the water from becoming cloudy, you can the tips mentioned below:

During spring, foreign particles of different shapes and sizes may enter the things like body oil and sunscreen may get washed off from the bodies of the swimmers and accumulated in the pool making the pool water cloudy.

To avoid this you can take the help of nets to do away with the particles which can be seen.

Also, you can use a pool clarifier such as In The Swim pool water clarifier if the cloudy water still persists.

You can also get rid fine particles with a nice pool vacuum which cannot be removed with the help of a clarifier or a leaf net.

  • Algae lead to cloudiness in the early growth stages. To remove them, scrub your pool and clean it well using leaf net and a swimming pool vacuum. Lastly, try a pool shock to do away with the remaining algae. To prevent them from growing back, keep an eye on the pH levels, chlorine, phosphate and other pool chemicals.
  • Free chlorine gets depleted very easily in sunlight. The more the sunlight, the faster it depletes. To avoid it you can place the pool under a tree so that the sunlight cannot penetrate through it easily. However, if your pool is placed in a place which is prone to get the direct rays of the sun, use a chlorine stabilizer or pool covers when you do not need to use it.
  • Rainwater also reduces the chlorine level of the pool and makes it cloudy. To avoid it you can cover pools when it rains or readjusts the chemical levels once it stops raining.

It is very important to keep your pools clean as cloudy pool water can lead to a number of infections and health conditions.

Also, it means that the pool lacks sanitation which makes it even grosser to swim in such pools.

Thus, always make it a point to keep your pools clean and sanitized.

Question & Answer – Q&N

How can I keep the water in my pool clean?

There are several ways to keep the water in your pool clean. You can use chlorine tablets as a disinfectant to kill pathogens in the water. You can also purchase a filter separately to circulate

clear water to your pool. Most of the pools mentioned in our list come with a set of water pump and filters.

What is the lifespan of the above-ground pools?

The lifespan of the above ground pool depends upon the materials it is made from. Typically the best above ground pools last for 9-15 years before they start showing signs of wearing out.

Cleaning the pool regularly and covering it with pool cover in the off-season can also help to extend the life of the pool.

Can I install the above ground pool myself?

This depends upon the model that you buy. Some of the models are easy to set up and others require the help of experts.

You should have a look at the product manual before you start installing the pool in your backyard.

Can the above ground pool be installed indoors?

Though they can be installed indoors, it is recommended to install them in the backyard.

Frequent dives into the pool may cause water to splash on the floor. This might lead to accidental falls. Any punctures in the pool walls might cause the water to leak, damaging your indoor property.

Thus, to prevent such unavoidable circumstances, it is advised to install it outdoors.

Should I dismantle the pool during the offseason?

Again, this depends upon the model. Some of the inflatable and portable above ground pools can be easily dismantled and you can conveniently store them in your basement or garage.

On the other hand, some above ground pools are a permanent option and it is difficult to break and reassemble them.


The pool we suggest – Summer Waves Wicker Print is one of the best above ground pools. It has an elegant design and the deeply textured wicker pattern stands miles apart from the mundane blue and tan colored pools.

It can be assembled easily and is made from durable material which gives it a long-lasting life. Priced under $600, the pool set is worth every dollar spent.

Embassy pools are also a durable option on similar lines but it is more expensive than Summer Waves.

If you are looking for an affordable above ground pool for personal use, Bestway Spa Pools are a great option to consider. The multi-mode hydro jets and massage system gives you a deep relaxation that is otherwise hard to have.

Being portable and affordable they can be transported easily and can be taken out for vacation trips as well.

If the spa is not a necessity, you can also think of buying the Fitmax iPool. With its Aqua and Exercise therapy support. It is certainly one of the best above ground pools for personal use.

The Fitmax iPool will simply make you fall in love with swimming!