Winter has finally to an end and the summers are back.

With the approaching summer above ground pools are coming into use again.

Above ground pools have become popular in a really short span of time. The reason behind this popularity is they are quick, affordable and super easy to maintain.

However, they remain incomplete without above ground pool decks. Pool decks give you that extra space where you can have a pleasant gathering with your friends and family.

The pools which have decks around help them adds to the beauty of the place.

In this article, we’ll discuss pool decks ideas and types.

Choosing the right material for your pool deck is the most important as well as the most crucial thing.

If you go wrong there you could end up having a really bad time. Thus, we are here with some amazing tips which will help you pick the materials which will be ideal for pool decks.

  • The deck material should be really fine and smooth so make sure it isn’t bumpy, uneven or course.
  • The material should not be slippery as it can have serious consequences. You might end up hurting yourself miserably.
  • Make sure the material you choose for the decks for pools are heat reflective. That is really important as you do care about your bare feet.
  • It is advisable to choose a material which resists chemicals, acid, algae, mould and mild dew as well as frost. This will make the maintenance of your pool really easy.
  • The material you choose must go well with the remaining area of the yard.
  • Do not forget to add safety barriers and fences in your deck around the pool so that you do not fall into the pool in any way.

Let’s take a look at the different kind of materials that can be used to build above ground pool with decks.

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1) Concrete Pool Deck

Concrete Pool Deck

Concrete pool deck gives you a very smooth surface. Also, they have a large colour palette other than the traditional light grey.

Even in the case of architecture, one gets plenty of options ranging from contemporary to modern. Concrete surfacing always demands professionals so do not try to do it by yourself unless you’re a professional.


  • You can get really beautiful and cheap above ground pool decks if you use concrete.
  • It has low maintenance.
  • It does not warm too easily.


  • It tends to get slippery when wet if it is not brushed.

2) Paved Pool Decks

Paved Pool Deck

Pavers are quite a popular option when it comes to building decks for above ground swimming pools. Pavers come in various sizes, shapes, materials as well as colours.

Pavers can be of concrete, stone or other materials as well.

The interlocking concrete pavers look better than plain concrete decks.

The designs made by the interlocking pavers look very creative and resemble various granites, cobblestones and bricks.

They look exactly like the pictures of decks you see in televisions and social media.


  • Easy to get built and replaced if damaged.
  • A budget-friendly choice for cool above ground pool decks.
  • They require low maintenance and are frost proof.


  • It requires the installation of permanent frames and borders.

3) Wooden Decks

Wood is a very attractive yet natural option. This is so because the wood itself is a natural material.

Wooden above ground pool decks give you a very relaxed feeling and are generally designed to have a spa attached.

They are also used popularly for in-ground swimming pool decks.


  • They give your space a very natural and subtle look which is very soothing.
  • Wood gives you plenty of options to choose from, keeping in mind that wood can be of various types.
  • There’s also a scope of immense creativity with this material as you can create different patterns and designs.


  • They are slightly more costly than the other materials discussed so far. Also, the price keeps increasing with the increase in quality.
  • They require a lot more maintenance. They need a seasonal cleaning, sealing and sanding.

4) Tile Pool Decks

Tiled surfaces are usually very glazed. If you walk on it while its wet then God save you from the consequences.

Hence, if you’re opting for tiles to build your above ground pool decks then make sure you play it safe by choosing an unglazed tile surface such as Saltillo, vitreous and so on. They’ll not only withstand water but will also keep the surface frost-free.


  • Creates a very seamless transition from indoor to outdoor if the tile used remains the same.
  • A great option for the in-ground pool with decks.


  • Can be slippery when wet.
  • Choose the kind of tile which has a “tooth” to avoid traction and provide better traction.

5) Brick Decks

Brick has been used in for over 5000 years to build pool decks. They give your deck a very rustic and charming look to above the ground pool decks.


  • They are durable as well as easy to maintain.
  • They are available in plenty of shades.


  • Bricks have a tendency to grow moss on them.
  • They can be slippery too at times if extremely wet.

After discussing the various kinds of materials for over ground pool decks including its advantages and disadvantages, let us now move on to the various types and designs of pool decks in details.

Types and Designs of Pool Decks

1) Circular Pool Deck

Circular or round pool decks are built mostly around the circular above ground pool. They are super easy to make. They are both time and cost-effective.

The main reason why such decks are built-in safety.  They work efficiently to safeguard the swimmers and other people in the pool.

They are perfect for partying and playing where you can splash and swim around.

Also, you can eat and socialize. If you want a really gorgeous and spacious set-up then this the best option for you.

2) Pool Party Deck

If you want a spacious and luxury above ground pool decks then you can go for the pool party decks. These decks usually enclose the pool and occupy a large amount of space.

3) Partial Decks

Partial decks are quite opposite to pool party decks especially when it comes to space. They hardly cover any space but are extremely stylish.

They go really well with oblong-shaped pools. However, partial decks for round pools also aren’t a bad option at all.

4) Decked Out Decks

Decked out in a very innovative option when it comes to swimming pool decks above ground designs.

Decked out pools are connected with your house via a built-in custom deck. This makes is more comfortable for the swimmers to go to the pool. They are usually built with wood so it reduces the chance to slip or get wet unnecessarily.

5) 24 Foot Above Ground Pool Deck Plan

Decks for above ground pools are really important. The deck gives you extra space to do all the other things such as sunbathing, dining and so on.

The 24-foot pool deck is a kind of pool deck which rises high above the ground. There are ladders attached to these decks and they are highly raised above the ground.

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6) Detached Pool Deck

These are mostly pre-built pool decks as they are completely detached and are used by beginners who do not have very good knowledge about pool decks.

Thus, they are available in shops of different sizes. You could also get your deck customized if you want it to complement the design of your house.

It also provides space for gatherings surrounding the pool.

7) DIY Pool Decks

DIY pool decks are a great idea for those who have basic knowledge of the craft.

If you are creative enough and do not want to compromise on the design by letting someone else do it for you then you can definitely try it out.

You can refer to tutorials online for easy above ground pool decks ideas. They’ll make your job way easier.

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