Having a swimming pool might make your neighbours envious of you but having a dirty pool might make you the centre of gossip.

Well, the good news is that with Aquabot Pool Rover Jr you can now have a very clean pool and be the talk of the town in a good way.

There is no doubt that this gadget is pretty neat and useful, with this device cleaning your above ground pool is a walk in the park.

The device is very user-friendly and is perfect to make your pool cleaning experience a less traumatic one and this is why we have tried our hands at this Aquabot Pool Rover Jr Above Ground Pool Cleaner Review.

Features of Aquabot Rover Pool Cleaner

The product is already a rage in the market and is outselling every other brand, simply because the gadget has so many wonderful features that coax people into buying this wonderful product.

Easy Cleaning

Since the device comes with a cable that has the length of 40ft; it becomes even easier to cover all the area on your above the ground pool. This is a product that is designed to provide hands-free cleaning. The cable comes with a power transformer for added protection.

Efficient Filter Bag

The gadget has a filter that is reusable and it makes sure that nothing passes through it. Once debris gets collected in the gadget, it can be contained there until you make the effort to clean it out.

Excellent Motor

The motor operates on a 24volts power source. This controls the propulsion of the jet drive and so the suction of the vacuum is very powerful. The gadget can clean the pool in one hour time. Operating the pool cleaner is very easy as all you have to do is simply push a button.

Fully Automatic

As a user, you will be quite happy to use this gadget as it makes your work a lot easier. You can program the gadget in such a way that it will shut down automatically after cleaning for 120 minutes at a stretch.

So basically you can get your power sleep in the afternoons without having to worry about getting up and turning off the cleaner.

Good Quality

The finishing of the device is simply top-notch; you can expect the product to last for a very long time to come.

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Benefits of Using the Device

Aquabot Pool Rover is really good and produces outstanding results. It does not matter what your pool is shaped like, this gadget can handle it all.

With this pool cleaner, you expect the walls of the pool to be sparkling in no time, thanks to the extra-wide wheels and powerful vacuum.

So it does not matter if you have a big or small pool you can still have a clean one with this device. The device runs automatically for 120 minutes and the job gets done within that period.

Many customers are actually happy with the performance of this cleaner. The appliance is very easy to use and the instructions are clearly mentioned in the manual.

The company offers a warranty for 12 months for the motors which is a good deal as the motor is expensive if needed to be replaced.

The Pros

  • The device is automatic and shuts down after 2 hours
  • It is wheels that do not mar
  • The filter is very efficient in trapping dirt
  • This is a first-class swivel device
  • A very efficient robotic cleaning device

The Cons

Just like every other product in the market, this has its set of disadvantages and this pool cleaner is no exception.

Every time you have to manually configure the pin on the axel each time you want to use it.

After a cleaning cycle, you may have to move it around. Replacing the motor is expensive, in spite of all the cons this product is still worth buying, the longevity of a product also depends on the way it is used.

Recent surveys have revealed that this pool cleaner has gone down very well with the general public, as it stops them from adopting age-old methods of cleaning the pool.

There is no doubt that the cleaner does a very good job in cleaning the pool. The device has a year’s warranty and is worth every penny you spend on it.

People who have above ground swimming pools should read through this Aquabot Pool Rover Jr Above Ground Pool Cleaner Review as this can help them make a call.

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It can handle pools of any size and shape, the cleaning takes hardly one hour to complete. Since the product comes with a user manual it is very easy to use even for young teenagers.

Most importantly this pool cleaner is very affordable, so do consider buying this product without hesitation.

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