Pool covers are not at all a new concept and pool owners know it very well how good it is to invest in a quality one.

The point is pool covers that above ground pools need are little different than the usual ones. These are specifically designed to fit these pools and most importantly keep them protected.

This is very true that Above Ground Pool covers protect your pool from the harsh weather, falling leaves and algae to name a few unwanted elements that you don’t want your pool to be contaminated with.

In order to keep your guard, you put in your trust with either of these below-mentioned pool covers that are top-rated by users all across.

List of Best Pool Covers for Above Ground Pools

Be it a solid pool cover that can prevent sunlight and extreme weather to penetrate the pool or a mesh net that keeps leaves at bay, the choice is yours.

However, what is a matter of fact is that you need Above Ground Pool covers if you own an above ground pool for sure. We have tried to compile a list of the top products for you to have a look and then determine which one suits your requirement best.

1) Blue Wave Silver 12-Year 18-ft Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

This is a silver grade pool cover that can defend your above ground from dirt, harmful UV rays of the sun, snow and hinder the growth of algae.

The Blue Wave Silver 12-Year 18-ft has 4 feet overlap that makes sure it holds on to the pool even if it is too windy. Apart from this 18 feet pool cover has some features that will steal your heart away:

  • Made of heavy-duty cables.
  • Winch tightener is also included.
  • Rip-proof grommets.
  • All sizes fit perfectly.
  • Provides proper protection against foreign elements.
  • The polyethene coating makes it stronger.
  • Rims are sealed tightly that avoids heat to seep into.
  • Black painted base can check algae growth.
  • Comes with a 12-year warranty.


The best part about this product is that even its biggest critics have found it to be a good fit for most above ground pools. Some have complained that it comes apart with minimum use.

What needs to be talked here is most people who complain against it have either got the wrong size or have not been able to fix it properly.

It is indeed a classy product to go for and you are free to make that choice once you know what exactly you are looking for.

2) Intex Solar Cover for 15ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools

The Intex Solar Cover for 15ft Diameter is a unique product because it is a solar heater keeps bugs and leaves out of the water like a good pool cover.

That is correct it traps sun rays to keep the water and if you can install it properly then you can enjoy a swim all through the year.

It is really easy to install as the name suggests and can be regarded as a versatile pool cover with features like:

  • Can retain solar heat.
  • It can reduce evaporation by 95%.
  • Fits properly and remains floating on the pool.
  • Comes with carrying bag for storage.
  • Keeps the water clean.
  • Light in weight.
  • Suitable for metal frame pools also.


This is almost a flawless product that has lesser cons than merits and there are no doubts about it. Some have found it to be the short-lived product which may be due to the way they store it.

Yet a few would say that it heats only if there is strong sunlight which holds true of any solar product too. Hence it was rather a difficult task to find out any concrete problems with this product.

3) Intex Deluxe 18-Foot Round Pool Cover

The Intex Deluxe 18-Foot is an amazing product that has been carefully engineered to fit an above ground pool like a glove. It is highly UV ray resistant because of the polyethene that drapes all around it.

It is another product by Intex that is super easy to install and does not need much hard work. It has features that you can trust, starting with the brand name that is associated with it like:

  • Does not allow debris to enter the pool.
  • Can prevent water buildup.
  • Has drain holes that can prevent this water collection.
  • Is one of the top-rated deluxe Above Ground Pool covers.
  • Fits pools really well.
  • Substantially UV resistant.
  • Good quality pool cover.


The biggest con that people have complained about is that it is manufactured in China.

Some complaint about the clips to be brittle that can be replaced with new ones easily.

Nonetheless, it has to be brought down to one point that how are these people handling the cover.

Another important fact would be to know what kind of whether they are using it in.

If these two things are answered correctly then you will find it all sorted out for yourself.

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4) Blue Wave 15-Feet Round 8-mil Solar Blanket for Above Ground Pools, Blue

The Blue Wave 15-Feet is a good choice provided you want to use your above ground pool all through the year.

It is incredible to know that it can warm the water by 15 degrees! The transparent blue colour makes it a pretty looking cover that can sit for a long time.

Yes, this means it will serve for a long time if only you know how to preserve it well. Here are some features that make it a favoured product:

  • It comes laden with thermal bubbles that can retain heat.
  • Provides ample UV protection.
  • Good looking.
  • Has a great fitting.
  • Lightweight as it weighs 5 lbs only.
  • Is backed with a 3-year warranty.


For those who complain about it falling apart, need to check on their weather conditions and also how they maintain this product.

As for them who would say it does not hold debris from seeping inside need to check whether they order the right size or not.

Its benefits and features overshadow these cons and this means it is a product that you can try without having to think about it.

To be honest you would need to invest in first rated Above Ground Pool covers like the above-mentioned products because they will last you longer.

Additionally, it will shield your above the ground pool provided it is well built and made up of durable material.

Only top-notch products like these can provide all the protection that you are looking for your pool for a long period of time.

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