Are you looking for the best above ground pool ladder that will blow your mind away?

In simple words, a pool ladder helps swimmers to get inside an in-ground pool as the water is deep and in case you own an above ground pool then it helps you to climb up.

Either way, it helps you to enjoy your pool in the sweltering summer months. It is one of the most important pool accessories that you need to get into your pool. One vital point that you should keep in your mind while investing in Above Ground Pool Ladders is that they should be color coordinated so that they are easy to spot at night for a family swim!

In order to make your life easy, we have compiled a list of best-selling above ground pool ladders that will give you a fair idea as to what you should look for.

These are really the best by any standards and have been loved by customers all across the globe because of many reasons. Let us find that out.

1) Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200 Above Ground Adjustable Pool Roll-Guard Safety Ladder

Do we even need to talk about this one? This is because no one can debate any product from Confer Plastics, let alone a pool ladder. They are market leaders and know what they do in the best possible ways.

This manufacturer truly needs no prologue as people are well aware of their standards and the quality of their products. Nonetheless, we have listed some of the finest features that Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200 is popular for fitting pools with a height of 48 inches to 56 inches and:


  • Is super lightweight.
  • Has an extra-large platform.
  • Steps measure 18 x 5 inches.
  • Roll Guard Barrier allows steps to stay rolled up and locked when not in use.
  • Can take a weight of 300 pounds.
  • Easy to install.
  • Strictly not to be used for inflatable pools.


Some unfortunate users have found it to be little difficult to put up and yet some complain about its Roll Guard to be wobbly.

Well as they say you can’t satisfy all goes right with the Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200 at least.

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2) 46-56 Inch Confer Above Ground Swimming Pool In-Pool Ladder Deluxe Pool Ladder

46-56 Inch Confer again is another product from the house of Confer Plastics that has been already declared as a maestro. There is nothing more to add to about this brand except that it deserves to be the leader.

Now about this particular product, less is more as this is one of the most durable pool ladders that are available in the market.

Below mentioned are some of the features that make a stand out the product:


  • Does not require sand.
  • Heavy built.
  • Weighs 28 lbs.
  • Can bear 300 lbs of weight.
  • Steps measure 5x18x22 inches.
  • Have high handrails for the great support.
  • Effortless installation.
  • Comes with a clear set of instructions.


Some users have found its flexibility to be annoying and they want it firm but that would hurt easy installation.

This may not even fit most pools if it had to be rigidly rebuilt so for the manufacturer has added a little bit of flex to it hoping to see people will live with it.

3) New Confer CCXAG Grey 4-Step Above Ground Swimming Pool Grand Entry Steps Stairs

There is no need to mention that the New Confer CCXAG Grey 4-Step is another great by Confer Plastics. Their out of the box thinking has made them what they are today and that has helped the world get some quality products.

The present one falls no short of their laurels and is a great product to invest in because of its two-toned grey color scheme to start with. There is a lot more to it than this like:


  • Is very strong.
  • Weight 60 pounds.
  • Can put up with 400 pounds of weight.
  • Undemanding snap construction.
  • Simple installation required.
  • Can be mounted without sand.
  • Looks stylish.


It was really hard to find any negative review about the New Confer CCXAG Grey 4-Step and that is the truth. There are none except for one or two that would talk about keeping the ladder together.

That has to be addressed right during the time of installation. This is something that you can give a miss and focus on all that goes into its favor.

4) Blue Wave Simple Step 24 in. Pool Step for Above Ground Pools

The Blue Wave Simple Step 24 in. is a fascinating product because of its beauty. It has been designed in a careful way keeping the aesthetics in mind without a doubt.

The brilliantly premeditated surface risers, curvy steps, and carved sides make it one of the best above ground pool ladders without a second thought.

It has more than you can count on like:


  • Un-problematic installation and requires minimal hardware for doing so.
  • Is very sturdy.
  • It can resist up to 400 pounds of weight.
  • Can be installed in 48 inches to 54 inches above ground pool.
  • Reasonably priced.


A few users have complained about it being a tad bit difficult to float otherwise not much noise can be heard about products with rich features.

These are genuine products that have collected honest testimonials and you are free to choose yours based on all the knowledge shared so far.

By this time you must have got the idea that all above ground pool ladders have two handrails as these can provide you with maximum support.

Using a step pad in addition to this can help you protect the pool liner for sure. Be it a Drop-in styled or an A-frame one make sure that you take care of them properly to prevent ugly algae formation.

Invest wisely and make sure that your pool ladder is safe, sturdy and reliable enough to withstand a lot of splashing!

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