Yes, this is very true that above ground pool liners can actually extend the life of your pool.

Of course, this is good news for pool owners and rest assured these add to the beauty of your pool.

Why so?

This is because they are available in colorful synthetic or vinyl that can protect a pool from any damage and prevents mold build up too.

These are easy to install but yes professional help in some cases may be required.

Nonetheless, the installation can be completed while setting up your pool which means it does not even take much of time.

In this context, mention should be made about the top above ground pool liners that you may take a look at for your pool.

1) Smartline Bedrock 24-Foot Round Liner | 25 Gauge Virgin Vinyl

With so many online stores it has become so easy to order for anything that you may like.

What sweetens the bargain is the additional discounts that these virtual shops bestow on us.

One such product would be the 24-ft. Round Overlap which is a great pool liner to bank on. With so many encouraging reviews and improved functioning, it has surely won over many a heart because of:


  • Made up of Virgin vinyl of 20 gauge
  • Can prevent UV rays penetrating into the pool in the best of ways
  • Its’ seams are welded doubly for more protection
  • Is quite a rugged pool liner
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance


Now because of its light-weight feature, many complain that they would prefer the same product to get heavier. We leave it up to the manufacturers to decide for it.

In a nutshell, this is quality above ground pool liner that can increase the life of your pool and there are no second thoughts about it.

You just need to focus on one thing that is to maintain your above the ground pool liners properly to make them last longer.

These certainly need to be replaced over time but only if you take care of the smallest of rifts or tears, then these can really serve you well.

In general, you may not need to replace them for years provided you clean and inspect them regularly.

Overall a pool liner can protect your pool in the best possible manners above and beyond anything.

2) Blue Wave 48 in. Peel and Stick Pool Cover – 22 Pack

Blue Wave 48 in. Peel and Stick Above Ground Pool Cove


Less is more when we talk about Blue Wave 48 in.

Peel and Stick because it has a lot of features that people look forward to. This is a 19 pack pool liner that is super easy to install as the name suggests.

That is right you can peel and stick to your pool.

This is a product that had been liked worldwide because it is really hard to find a flaw in it.


  • It is easy to install because of the adhesive
  • The superior adhesive in use
  • Prevents stretching and wearing
  • Each of the packs measures 48x2x2 inches
  • Protects the pool perfectly well


It only causes trouble those who cannot put it up as most customers have agreed that it is big in size. So for those who complain about not covering properly would have not measured twice before sticking!

Other than that, it is really hard to find any valid arguments against this particular product.

On the whole the Blue Wave 48 in. Peel and Stick is a great product to put your trust in because it is quality for sure.

3) 18-ft. Round Overlap Pool Liner – Boulder Swirl – 20-Gauge

If you are looking for the perfect pool liner and if there is anything that can be addressed as one, then this 18-ft.

Round Overlap should be the one. Even the reviews speak of it respectfully because:


  • It can provide optimum protection from the harmful UV rays
  • Is made up of 20 gauge of virgin vinyl
  • The seams are strongly welded
  • Highly durable pool liner
  • It measures 48 inches to 52 inches in the sidewalls of pools
  • Comes with a whopping 15 years warranty


Hardly any because of the oval shape some can think twice about whether it will fit their round pool. Other than that, it is really difficult to find any fault with this product without a doubt.

Now the warranty is more than enough to show what confidence the manufacturer has in their product.

The biggest USP of this product lies in it being easy to install and that there is nothing to be asked about its performance.

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4) Gladon 100-Feet Roll Pool Wall Foam – 1/8 in. x 48 in.

Once again this is a good above pool liner to invest in because it is sturdy and can last you long with little care.

The biggest reason why you would buy this product is for its ability to avoid rusting. This means there will be no corrosion with this padding of closed-cell 1/8 inch of foam.

There is no need to explain that this most definitely will protect your pool against any kind of puncturing as well.

Not to mention that this helps your pool last for years to come. Some of the additional features that may help you decide in its favor are:

  • 1/8 x 48 x 100 inches roll
  • This role can create a smooth wall for your  pool
  • This padding positively adds more life to the liner
  • No more fear of leakage
  • Really easy to set up


Some people have complained that it heats up the water in the pool and some want it to be more spongy. Otherwise, it would be hard to find any serious problem with this one.

In conclusion, it can be said that the Gladon 100-Feet Roll makes the walls comfortable to lean on additionally. What more can you ask?

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