If you have a backyard or a garden with free space, probably you have thought of enjoying with your family by having a nice bath in a swimming pool placed over there. Is it your budget which is restricting you from making your dream into reality? Not to worry…

You can get the scope to enjoy an equal amount of fun by just purchasing one of Heritage Above Ground Pool that we reviewed in this topic and consider the best in the category.

1) Heritage YO 1552SFP Yosemite Complete Pool

Yosemite is undoubtedly the most spacious pool which customers find very effective for the purpose of swimming.

It has well-built staggering walls and an overall robust structure which ensures lower depreciation of its value over time.

The package is an overall fit for the ones who want all the equipment at one place and does not want to spoil time and energy to purchase the accessories on a piecemeal basis.

You may find setting up and installation part a bit tedious for this pool because of its huge size but once done, you would realize that the effort was worth it.

The ladder inside the package comes with a protective barrier which makes sure that you do not have to be concerned about the safety of your kids.

Key Specifications:

  • Shape: Round
  • Dimension: 15 feet x 52 inches
  • External finish: Creamy tan with sturdy 6 inches galvanized steel ledge walls
  • Internal finish: Solid blue (Perma 25 series) all-weather vinyl overlap liner
  • Built: Robust with baked enamel steel corrugated multi-layered walls
  • Supported by: Steel top rails and strong supporting beams
  • Package contains:
    1 heavy-duty resin ladder with flip-up anti-entry staircase and anti-entrapment barrier.
    1 sand filter.
    1 motor (1HP) with safety twist lock plug.
    1 manual skimmer.
    Warranty of 20 years and a lifetime customer support


  • It has a big size. So it does commensurate with your wish if you want to have a pool party with your big family.
  • This pool has greater longevity in comparison with the other pools around. It also comes with a 20 years’ guarantee which is obviously a plus feature.
  • This pool is easy to clean as it comes with a sand filter, 1 pump, and a skimmer. It also comes with a multi-port valve that helps in backwashing the filtration system.
  • The ladder is sturdier than any other model’s ladders which actually acts as a safer pillar.

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  • The big size can be also posed as a negative feature for you if you are not enthusiastic enough to set up the pool above the ground.
  • Winterization mechanism is not supported.

Customer Reviews:

So far, almost all customer reviews suggest that this Heritage YO Yosemite pool does not have any negativeness.

Whoever purchased it from Amazon has rated it as the best heritage pool available in the market.

However, despite many good reviews, few customers expressed their opinion that the Yosemite pool should be winterized in a cold winter climate.

It has a 4.5/5 score in Amazon based on customer reviews.

2) Heritage TA 331852GP-DXP Taos Complete Pool

Taos is the favourite tool for the customers who actually looking for the pools to relax or hang out with their friends on spring boats or lounge.

It has perhaps the sturdiest external structure and the most coveted internal vinyl liner which is incredibly skin-friendly.

Its package comes with all the allied equipment you would be requiring for installation and cleaning.

Hence, this pool saves both your time and money as you would not be requiring to buy any more pumps or accessories separately.

The sand pump provided with it does eliminate all the filth from Taos pool and ensures that neither your kids get sick when they come in contact with pool water, nor you ruin your swimwear by any harmful chemicals present in the pool water.

It also comes with a handy CD which can guide you to set up and install Heritage TA Taos pool in the easiest way possible.

Key Specifications:

  • Shape: Oval
  • Dimension: 33 feet x 18 feet x 52 inches
  • External finish: Staggering 7 inches painted and hot-dipped galvanized G-90 steel ledge walls
  • Internal finish: Perma 25 series all-weather vinyl overlap liner
  • Built: Multi-layered with swirl print bottom, shock preventing ground fault circuit interrupter
  • Supported by: All-round bands and steel frame poles
  • Package contains:
    1 heavy-duty resin ladder with flip-up anti-entry staircase and anti-entrapment barrier,
    1 sand filter,
    1 motor (1HP) with safety twist lock plug,
    1 extra-wide skimmer,
    Manufacturer warranty on pool structure for 25 years


  • Extremely easy to assemble, set up and install.
  • The oval shape is suitable for accommodating spring boats and lounge.
  • Saltwater system can be used as a chemically safer substitute to chlorine.
  • Sand filter does more effective filtration than a usual regular filter.
  • Better longevity than other pools in the market.
  • Winterization is possible when climate changes. You do not have to remove the frame.


  • The ladder provided with the package is less sturdy in comparison with that of the other models
  • There is no vacuum cleaner included in the package

Customer Reviews:

Most of the customers have rated it full stars at Amazon website.

Many have expressed their opinion that it is the most popular and The Best Heritage Above Ground Pool because of its lucrative oval shape.

Customers have preferred this oval-shaped pool because it is suitable for relaxing on a lounge or for the purpose of lap swimming.

It has an overall rating of 5/5 score in Amazon based on customer reviews.

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Moreover, it is portable, movable, easy to install and can be of adjustable sizes.

It is just as convenient as putting up a tent as spacious as you want and dismantling it anytime you wish.

Some of you might be thinking that it would take much of an effort to set up the pools. True.

You may need some of your family members to help you with the setting up part, but it is worth putting the effort.

First, you need to select the area where you are planning to install the pool. Once decided, you need to start levelling the ground afterwards.

Then you just need to place the bottom rail over there and start installing the walls by fixing the bottom rail as its basis.

After attaching all the wall ends together, you need to add the supporting props to the frame from outside. Keep an eye when the frame becomes solid.

Once it becomes solid, the liner should be added to it and the pump and filter should be hooked up with it too.

If you find that these steps are really difficult for you, then you may avail the help of an expert always.

After all these steps are over, just fill the pool thoroughly with water and enjoy!

Swimming pools clearance can be causing anxiety to you as you must be thinking how to clear the water and make it safe for your kids so that they do not get contaminated from any hazardous chemical substances present inside.

It is absolutely not an issue since the pool package comes with a wholesome set of equipment along with sand filters, pumps, and skimmers which keeps your pool water crystal clear making it safe for your skin and health.

Nowadays, the package also comes with pool landscaping, deck ideas, and deck kits.

The following list will give you detailed reviews of top two chart-topping cheap Heritage Above Ground swimming pools.

By going through their enlisted features, respective pros and cons and actual pool reviews by the customers on Amazon website’s pool sale page, you can subsequently select the most suitable pool which caters to your priorities and requirements.

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