Thrill and adventure are something that you can build right in your backyard. Yes, you heard that right!

You don’t have to buy an expensive trampoline nor do you have to call tens of friends at your home. All you need to do is install one of the best pool slides in your swimming pool.

It is easy to set up and really worth the price for the utility it provides.
Installing a slide in your pool makes your leisure experience more profound and intense. It adds a different flavor to your swimming affair.

Both you and your family members will have great fun while entering the pool. But there is a catch.

How do you know which one to buy?

Don’t worry about that, we have done extensive legwork to tell you everything about the best pool slides in the market.

Best Pool Slides for Kids & Adults

We have done thorough research to find out about the best pool slides available in the market.

From hundreds of slides, we have curated a list of 6 best pool slides.

1) S.R. Smith 698-209-58124 Cyclone Right Curve Pool Slide

S.R. Smith is one of the leading manufacturers of premium quality pool accessories and equipment. The S.R. Smith 698-209-58124 is one of the most popular swimming pool slides out there. It gives an amusing feel to the kids and adults alike.

It has a mild cyclone curve design towards the right which makes sliding really fun. The product features the standard S.R. Smith Turbo Twister with a height of 4 feet and 1 inch. The length of the fume is 7 feet which makes it usable for pools of different sizes. This is a little shorter than other Turbo Twister variants but it still does the job of giving a fun experience.

The slide can accommodate individuals weighing up to 175 pounds. This makes it usable for both children and adults. It also follows the CPSC safety guidelines for the manufacture of pool slides.
Some safety features of the slide include molded-in handrails, hidden metal parts and enclosed ladder to restrict unchecked use. This ensures the safety of everyone who uses the slide.

Another upside to this pool slide is that it does not get corroded with the usage of chlorine and saltwater in the pools. You do not have to worry about the lifespan of the product. You can easily connect the garden hose with the pool’s water delivery system.

The best part about the slide is that it is available in three distinct colors – gray granite, taupe, and sandstone. This lets you pick a color that will sync with your backyard and make it look even more impressive. S.R. Smith 698-209-58124 comes with a 3 years warranty that protects the customers from manufacturer’s defects.

Owing to its small footprint the pool slide can be installed on a small deck. This slide is only for in-ground pools. The product is shipped with an installation manual which makes it easy for you to assemble it. You just need to mount the slide on the deck and it does not require any anchors.

2) Inter-Fab CITY-CRB Water

Inter-Fab CITY-CRB water slide features an 8 feet long fume that gives a stimulating sliding feel. The height of the slide is 6 feet and is available in four color options. This is a popular pool slide for in-ground pools. The Inter-Fab CITY2-CRB is a durable and sturdy product. It is a seamless task to install the pool slide as the rails, steps and supports are made from extruded aluminum. This makes it easy to put all the parts together.

The aluminum ladder is sturdy and features grip around rails to provide a better grip to all the sliders. The product conforms to all the safety standards and is trusted by thousands of users in the USA. The fume of the slide is manufactured from high-quality durable acrylic material without any fiberglass reinforcements. This makes it sustain the weight of up to 225 pounds.

It comes in both right and left curve options. It features a zoom flume water system that can be connected to the pool’s pump return or to your garden hose. To connect to your garden hose you might require an additional adapter kit. The surface of the slide is slick and with only a mild amount of water you can just zoom through the curvy slide.

There are four color options to choose from – blue, gray, tan and white. This gives you an option to customize your backyard aesthetics. Pick a color option that will sync with your backyard set up. It comes with an impact-resistant design and a one year warranty.

The product comes along with an easy to follow instruction manual. You can view the step by step guide to install the slide or you can also visit the manufacturer’s website to view their detailed installation video.

3) S.R. Smith Typhoon Left Curve Pool Slide

A compact and elegant pool slide the S.R. Smith Typhoon offers an exciting ride. It elevates the thrill factor with slight dips and curves for you. This makes the splashes more intense and wide.

The length of the fume is 9 feet 10 inches and the slide has a height of 7 feet 4 inches. This gives a typhoon like speed while sliding down the S.R. Smith Typhoon Left Curve Pool Slide. It is available in two really amazing color options – gray granite and sandstone.

The slide can be used by people who have a weight of up to 275 pounds. This makes both young children and adults enjoy the sturdy and fun pool slide. The sturdy rotomolded design extends the durability and strength of the slide. What makes it one of the best pool slides is its compact design. It requires limited deck space which makes it a favorite pick for owners who have limited space. You do not have to spend endless hours measuring the free space around your pool.

This pool slide can be comfortably installed with most of the pool slides.
It has an integrated water delivery system which serves around 20 gallons of water per minute, keeping the slide slick to give you a smooth ride.

The ladder is attached to the fume which provides an extra layer of safety. The ladder has an enclosed designed with molded handrails to ensure non-slippery usage. Premium quality materials used in the construction makes it usable with both chlorine and saltwater. It does not get corroded.

If you love to spend hours at your pool, then this is the pool slide that you should consider buying. Just like other S.R. Smith slides this one comes with a 3-year warranty.  The slide is compliant with the standards mentioned by CPSC. The installation process is slightly complex and might require the help of one more person.

4) Inter-Fab WRS-CLG-SS Water Pool Slide

A hot-selling product on Amazon, the Inter-Fab WRS-CLG-SS gives you many “Aha” moments. The adventure of getting on the slide and splashing right into the pool will be some of the best memories you’ll make.

Invite your friends to have a fun-filled and thrilling pool experience in the summers. It has the best performance standards by offering a ride full of speed and protection. The slide has a semicircular and deep fume build. Molded ladder design lets you climb fast without worrying about slipping over.

Individuals with a weight of up to 250 pounds can lodge on this popular slide. It offers one of the most trusted safety features that are not even available in some of the best pool slides in the market. The ladder and handrails are sturdy to provide a short climb and safe ride every time.

The pool slide is available in four color variants – tan, blue, gray and white. This gives you an option to choose a slide that can add a sparkling gleam to your garden ensemble. Another great thing about the slide is that it comes in both rights and left curve options. You can easily set up this slide with the help of the instruction guide provided with the product.

If that does not clear things up, you can visit the product website to watch the installation video. Connecting it to the water supply is also an easy task. Hook it to the garden hose water supply or link it up with the pool’s return pump line. The slide will remain wet until the time you disconnect the line.

For connecting it to the garden hose you would need to purchase an additional kit. Inter-Fab WRS-CLG-SS Water Pool Slide is made from stainless steel material and is resistant to small impacts. This extends the slide’s durability. Inter-Fab backs it up with a 3-year warranty.

5) S.R. Smith HeliX2 Pool Slide

We can’t help but feature S.R. Smith’s superior quality water pool slides again and again on our list. Though they are different, all of them are equally packed with distinct and amazing features. But the S.R. Smith heliX2 Pool Slide is a class apart.

Installing this slide in your pool gives an insane thrill to your swimming experience. Once you slide through it, we can bet you would never want to enter the pool without going through this exciting pool slide! The slide has a durable and sturdy rotomolded design which makes it a durable consumer product.

A complete 360-degree design is the most intriguing feature of this slide.  Lodge on the slide and you would be spiraling round and round until you finally hit the pool with a gigantic splash. Though it only has a height of 7 feet and 4 inches, the length of the fume is 12 feet and 8 inches. This makes it the longest pool slide on our list.

These specifications promise to make your top to bottom ride an adventurous one. 250 pounds is the maximum weight that it can withstand. Doesn’t matter whether a kid or an adult use the slide, both will definitely have a joy ride on-board the heliX2 Pool slide from S.R. Smith.

The manufacturer has done a wonderful task of improvising on the water supply of the slide. A fountain is placed at the top of the slide which provides an uninterrupted water supply to the fume in a really fashionable style. This will do the task of keeping younger children fascinated.

The walls of the slide are deep to ensure the safety of sliders. The handrails and ladder are integrated into the slide. It also comes with a standard 3-year warranty from S.R. Smith. One thing to consider before buying this slide is the amount of deck space it requires. Due to its larger footprint the heliX2 Pool slide requires a minimum area of 10 feet by 5 feet for its installation.

6) S.R. Smith 688-209-58123 TurboTwister Right Curve Pool Slide

For a breathtaking ride, you can also consider installing TurboTwister Right Curve Pool Slide from S.R. Smith. The company is known for providing a water park experience through its range of consumer pool slides. A sturdy rotomolded design gives the slide an enhanced strength and durability.

The fume part of the slide measures a whopping 14 feet and 4 inches. The height of the slide is 8 feet and 7 inches which are considerably more than the height of standard pool slides for homes. Right curve design and a steep bump in the middle makes it a tempting slide to have in your backyard. The slide is available in both right and left curve options. This gives an amazing adventure ride to all the sliders.

It can accommodate children and adults weighing up to 275 pounds.  Like other slides from the manufacturer, this one also comes in different color options. You can select between sandstone and gray granite. Both will sync with the wild and aquatic look of your backyard.

Hook the water supply connector of the slide with the pump return line of the pool or garden hose and keep the surface of the slide wet all throughout. Minimum metal exposed components prevent the possibility of corrosion due to contact of Saltwater and chlorine in the pool.  It also conforms with all the safety standards laid out by the CPSC to ensure the safety of sliders.

Anything related to the pool needs to be safe and comfortable. With deep flume design, enclosed ladder and molded handrails the safety consideration of the slide has been given utmost priority by the manufacturer. The installation procedure is quite simple and might require the help of only one person.

An installation guide that comes with the product helps to make the assembling process a hassle-free task. It comes with a 3-year warranty to safeguard against manufacturer’s defects. So just enjoy the thrilling ride, right in the comfort of your very own backyard!

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Best Pool Slide for Toddlers

When it comes to enjoying the pool why should you leave anyone out?

While most pool slides are recommended for use by kids and adults, there are a few pool slides that are safe and fun for toddlers.

1) WOW World of Watersports 19-2210 Slide N Smile Floating 2 Lane Waterslide

This is a 2-lane water slide that can give toddlers a dose of excitement and fun. The best part about this slide is that it can float on the water and does not require anything to be constructed. You can dock it or place it on the edge of your pool and let your toddlers enjoy the grand joy ride.

It is an inflatable water slide with bright quality graphics to capture the attention of young children. The slide is 9 feet long and 6 feet wide. The height of the slide is just 4 feet.

This conforms with the safety needs of toddlers. You do not have to worry about toddlers hurting themselves while playing on the slide. There is even an option to extend the slide with a zippered connection system. You can attach other water playground accessories like water mats and walkaways from WOW. This will keep fun unlimited for toddlers.

2) Intex Water Slide, Inflatable Play Center, 131″ X 81″ X 46″

Another amazing pool slide for toddlers is this Inflatable Play Center from Intex. You can turn your pool into a water park for children. All you need to do is inflate the water slide and place it on your pool.

The slide measures 10 feet long and 6 feet wide, with a height of 3 feet. There are multiple tube-like chambers to provide a smooth cushion for the young kids. Fun wave graphics makes it look appealing and gives a thrilling look. It has 6 solid handles for convenience and 20 gauge vinyl construction offering extra safety.

The best part is that there is a repair patch included with the set. You do not have to worry about your toddler playing around with the slide. Small holes can be given a quick fix with the help of the included repair patch.

Types of Pool Slides and Their Pros and Cons

One of the foremost things that you need to look into before purchasing a pool slide is the type of pool slide that you want to install in your pool. Best pool slides are available in different styles, each giving a distinct sliding experience.

Pool slides add a fun quotient to your enjoyment. Most people are of the view that all pool slides are the same but this is not true.

The shape, size, and specifications of even the best pool slides vary depending on their type. They also tend to influence the aesthetics of your whole backyard set up.

Broadly, there are the following types of pool slides:

Straight Leg Slides

These are the most popular and common type of pool slides.

As the name suggests the slide is straight from the top to bottom with a wide opening at the end where the slide lands in the pool.

It does not have any curve or spiral shape.

Straight slides might have an open or closed stairway to make the pool more spacious.

A closed stairway also provides a safety layer against unchecked access by toddlers or small children.

As there are no bends or curves, these slides are perfect for a family with small children.

It is available in both short and tall heights. The height of straight slides varies from 8 to 12 feet.

Depending upon your use and requirements, you can purchase the slide of a height that suits you.

These are best if you want to have a light adventure at your pool.

● Best pool slides for children due to their safety features.
● Easy to install and set up

● Due to its straight shape, the excitement is limited.
● Might require more deck space due to a larger footprint.

Molded Leg Slides

For a more thrilling and exciting encounter at your swimming pool, you can consider installing the molded pool slides. These have a curvier and steeper design.

Generally, they curve to the left or right at the end where the slide enters the pool.

This makes the ride down the slide more adventurous.

These have a stairway which lets you regulate the use of slides by children. Just like other slides these too come in height variations. Typically, molded slides have a height of 8 feet.

● Fun and more exciting than straight leg slides.
● It comes in height variations.

● Not for small children. Curved design can make them prone to fall.
● It requires wider space to accommodate the curve.

Elephant Leg Slides

This is a distinct type of pool slide which has an amusing shape. They are available in two types: G- Force pattern and Stream Design.

The G-Force pattern has a spiral DNA like shape and measures 9 feet long. On the other hand, the stream model has a curve with the top end of the slide having a steep fall.

This type of slide generally measures 14 feet long! It is one of the best pool slides that gives an ultimate thrilling experience.

● Most thrilling pool slide
● Unique design to make your pool set up look different

● It can be unsafe for kids.
● It requires more space than other slides.

Ways to use Pool Slides for an Above Ground Pool

Most pool slides are made for in-ground pools but there are also many which can be installed in an above ground pool.

This will depend upon the type and depth of the above ground pool you have.

Almost all the pool slides are governed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC guidelines.

The commission specifies conformance to specific standards that the slides must adhere, to prevent against injury and unprecedented incidents.

The best way to use a pool slide for an above ground pool is to mount it on the deck.

You can use a drill machine to make holes on the deck and tighten the mounting brackets of the slide on it.

However, if there is no deck, you might have to build one to match the height of the pool with the base of the slide. You should also assess whether the deck can hold the weight of the slide.

Also ensure that the water has a depth of at least 3.5 to 5 feet, at the end of the slide where the slide end has an opening facing the water in the pool.

This is necessary to prevent the slider from hitting the ground while splashing in the above ground pool. You will also need to connect the slide with a water supply.

If the water pump of your above ground pool has a provision to direct water to the slide, then that would be the best.

Otherwise, you can use a pipe to direct water from the garden hose to the top of the slide. This will keep your slide wet and give you an enchanting feel while sliding down the ride.

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How to Choose a Perfect Slide Pool (Buyer’s Guide)

Just like before picking up a swimming pool for your home, you have to look into several factors before picking up a pool slide.

It is a one-time investment and the pool slide that you buy would be used for years to come.

Here are a few important things that you need to consider before picking one of the best pool slides:

Type of Pool You Have

Some pools are big enough to accommodate a pool slide while others are just not made for them.

Though the idea of installing one of the best pool slides might seem intriguing, you have to consider a lot of things.

Some above-ground pools like the Spa ones are small and compact. Hence, they do not have a provision to install a pool slide.

Mostly, pools that have a large diameter and more depth can accommodate a pool slide.

Most pool slides are designed for in-ground pools and their installation requirements need permanent structures. You should definitely not buy these.

Look for the best pool slides that have been designed for above ground pools. These require wooden decks that can be moved when the pool is relocated.


This is the primary factor that will influence your decision to buy a pool slide.
Best pool slides are available in different sizes, from small to large.

A big pool slide would require more space and would have a bigger footprint.

In contrast, a small slide would require less space as it would have a smaller footprint. Depending upon the size of your pool and space in your backyard, you will have to pick a pool slide.

Though it seems that a large pool can accommodate a larger slide, it might not be true in reality.

You will only be able to install the pool slide in an area where there is ample space.

A mere clearance of 4-5 feet around the pool might not be enough to install the pool slide. (This would entirely depend upon the size of pool slide you have chosen.)

Generally, the type of pool slide will determine the space required.

The space needed for a straight slide will depend upon the angle of the slide.

A straight slide with a steep angle would require less space than a shallow one. In the case of a curved slide, the curve of the slide will determine the footprint or space needed by the pool slide.

If you are short on space, you can consider getting a curved slide. Some of the best pool slides come in 360-degree circles which give you ultimate thrill while keeping the space crunch in mind.

Since these have a smaller footprint, they can be easily installed in a small corner next to the pool.

A long straight slide would be the perfect match if space is not a constraint for you. You can enjoy the fast speeds while sliding down the pool slide.

However, it would be advisable to check the product specifications before making a purchase. Most manufacturers provide details about the space requirements on their website.

Picking up a pool slide after considering the above points related to space will ensure that you don’t end up buying a slide that is unusable.

Size and Height of the Slide

Another important factor is the size and height of the slide. Choosing the size and height of the pool slides depends upon multiple factors.

One of the primary things that people look into while deciding the height and size is the space available around the pool. There are other factors also that influence of the slide.

Consider the age group of the sliders who are going to use the pool. If small children are going to use the pool slide, it would be logical to install a pool slide with a small height.

This would ensure the safety of children using the pool slide.

If older children and adults are going to use the slide then you can comfortably settle with a slide that has more height.

You should also consider the size of the walls and the opening of the slide end.

A slide with deep walls will not let the children fall off.

Ideally, the height of the pool slide varies from 5 to 12 feet. Depending upon your needs you can install a slide with a height of your choice.

The Material of the Slide

The surface and material of the slide should also be considered.

A slide made from durable and hard material should be one that you should ideally purchase. It should also be in your budget. Also, consider the weight that it can accommodate.

Fiberglass Gelcoat or rotationally molded plastic is the commonly used materials in most of the best pool slides.

They provide a friction-free surface which makes the experience of sliding more profound.

Also, slides made from these materials have a strong build. They are also chemical and rust-resistant.

This will make them resistant to harsh weather, letting them stay strong for years to come.


Though this is not that important, you can consider the color of the slide as well.

Most slides are available in a shade of blue or grey. But this is not the only color option that you get in the market.

Best pool slides are available in several colors and you can pick one which matches your backyard pool set up.

Skip the cliché pale blue color pool slides and purchase an appealing slide with a unique color.

Deep shades of brown and grey give a unique contrast image to your backyard.

These are earthly shades that perfectly sync with the background. Some other colors in which best pool slides are available in include sandstone and white.

If aesthetics is something you are really particular about, then the color of the pool slide is something you should carefully look into.


The price of the pool slide is an important determinant. Best pool slides are available in several shapes and sizes.

Just like swimming pools are available in different price ranges, best pool slides are also available in varied price ranges.

You should set a budget for purchasing a pool slide. The higher priced ones will obviously be made from better quality materials and would last longer.

However, there are cheaper variants that might last anything between 2-5 years.

If you are looking for extra safety features like deeper slide walls and closed stairway then you can consider spending a few more dollars.  These features are worth having to ensure the safety of children.

Water Supply

Pool slides need to be made slippery and smooth. This is done by providing a consistent flow of water to the top of the slide.

Otherwise, there might be the risk of bruising your skin due to the harshness of the pool slide.

You can either connect a hose from the house’s water line or link the slide with the pool’s water circulation.

Both these methods will provide running water to your pool slide.

The first option might be the best for most of the pool owners.

Hooking up your slide with the pool will cost considerably more.

In addition to that, the level of water in the pool might also fall. To address this you can connect your home’s water supply to the slide via a hose or tap.

To give effect to this you might need to place the slide near a hose or buy a long pipe.

Safety Features

Some safety features we have already covered in the previous headings but there are some more that you need to look into.

Pool slides with treads on the ladder and non-slippery handrails would enhance the safety measures of the slide.

This prevents you or anyone else from slipping while climbing on the slide.

Legs of the slide must be sturdy and must not be prone to wobbling.

The exit of the slide must be wide and placed away from the wall of the pool.

Best pool slides are regulated with CPSC which provides guidelines for consumer products to safeguard against injury.

CPSC approved pool slides are safe and have been tested. This shelters you from unsafe products that might cause injury and untoward incidents.


All the different units of the pool slide need to be put together. Screws and bolts have to be tightly fitted to ensure full safety.

Most pool slides are easy to set up and install. You just need to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Larger the pool slide the more complex would be its installation process.
Ideally, you would need the help of a few more people to install large pool slides.

You would also need to level the ground where you are planning to install the pool slide.

Some slides might require you to drill holes in the legs.

For this, you need professional help and drilling equipment. Holes need to be drilled correctly and at the right points.

Your installation process should be smooth and follow all the safety considerations.

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How to Install Pool Slides

With most of the pool slides, installation is pretty simple.

But there are many which might require professional help. Ideally, you should look into the installation manual before proceeding with the installation process.

In this particular section, we will give you some tips on how to install the best pool slides:

1) Survey the Area

Before you progress with anything you should take out exact measurements of the area and the slide you have purchased.

You might need to build a deck to place your slide. This would require you to level the land below the deck. Spend a good amount of time figuring out the placement of the landing and ladder sections of the slide.

2) Prepare the landing section

After you have surveyed the area you should prepare the deck and landing area for the slide.

The landing area should be fenced depending upon the city insurance guidelines.

This is absolutely necessary to ensure the safety of sliders.

3) Set up the Slide

This step will vary depending upon the slide model you have purchased.

The different parts of the slide – ladder, fume, handrails, and landing would need to be assembled.

Some slides might have fewer components to assemble. The type of the slide will also influence this step.

Refer to the instruction manual for the step-by-step method for installing the slide.

4) Place the mounting brackets

Typically, a pool slide comes with 4 mounting brackets. These secure the foundation and provide support to the slide.

Place the brackets on the deck and adjust their placement, considering the dimensions of the pool. Use a pen or pencil to mark the holes and remove the brackets.

Drill holes into the surface and secure the brackets with screws and bolts.

5) Place the support brackets

After installing the main mounting brackets, you will have to install the supporting brackets.

These are easy to install and would not require much effort. Support brackets provide extra safety to the pool structure. Make sure you tighten the bolts properly.

6) Installation of the Slide section

At last, you can install the pool slide. As the weight of the pool slide would be heavy, you would need the help of another person to place it on the support poles.

Place them on the support poles to see if the mounting brackets have been placed correctly. If not, you can rearrange the mounting brackets.

Once the slide accurately stands on the support brackets, use the tools supplied with the pool slide to properly secure your pool.

Take your time and ensure that all the nuts and bolts have been fastened properly.

7) Installation of ladder

Finally, attach the ladder to the pool slide. Use the necessary nuts and bolts supplied with the pool slide to join the ladder with the slide.

Secure the bottom of the ladder with the deck. After this, you are good to use your pool slide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Get a Pool Slide?

The answer is simple – to create an upsurge in the flow of adrenaline.

The only possible addition that you can make to your pool is installing a pool slide.

Fun and excitement just shoot higher with a pool slide. Kids tend to enjoy more and will have wider smiles on their faces.

Even adults will equally enjoy their time. There is a hidden attraction in the pool slides. Just recall the first thing that you did when you went to a Water Park?

Gliding down the gigantic pool slide! At least, I did that!

Which shape pool slide should I buy?

Well, this is a question that you need to answer yourself. It largely depends upon your utility and space available around the pool.

First, measure the area around your pool and then look at the space requirements of the pool slide you are considering buying.

If you have ample space around your pool then you can consider purchasing the Elephant Leg or Molded Leg Slides for having an enriching experience.

These slides are more fun and exciting to use. However, if you are short on space you will have to settle for a slide that can be accommodated in the available space.

How to Keep your Slides Slick?

Overtime your slide might become less slippery. This poses to make your sliding experience less thrilling.

The best thing to do is to take proper care of your slide. Clean your pool slide regularly to ensure that the slide does not wear away.

It will also remove dirt and corrosive substances from the surface of the slide.

Use a gentle mixture of sponge and soapy water to cleanse the surface of the slide. Ensure that you wipe off the soap completely and do not let it seep into the pool.

You can also refinish your slide. But this will cost you a few dollars.

You can either hire a professional or purchase a DIY kit from the market. If you take great care of your pool, this won’t even be necessary.

How Long will my Pool Slide Last?

There is no definite answer to this question. The lifetime of the pool slide you buy largely depends on the use and the care you exercise in the upkeeping of the pool slide.

Some of the best pool slides can last anywhere between 3 to 7 years.
This can be further extended if you decide to refinish your pool slide.
However, this would involve additional costs.


All the slides mentioned in our list are spectacular products.

Our personal recommendation would be the S.R. Smith 698-209-58124 Cyclone Right Curve Pool Slide as it is one of the best pool slides in the market.

Its compact and curvy design gives you an unmatched thrill, keeping the space constraint in mind.

It is easy to install and can smoothly connect to the garden hose.
Children of all ages and young adults will have a great time while using this slide.

The slide is a value for money product and has all the safety features that the best pool slides in the market have to offer.

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