Ever wondered how James Bond could wear a clean swimsuit in the movie ‘Skyfall’ while staying by the side of the wet area of the swimming pool?

Yes, you guessed it right.

Your swimming pool remains empty without the bravura of its necessary accessories, and an important one is, of course, the poolside towel racks.

Here, we are ready with the list of top 5 best poolside towel racks.

1) TowelMaid Outdoor 7 Bar Curved Freestanding Towel Rack

It has a robust, enlarged base which enhances its stability. Usually, towel racks need the support of sand or weights in order to stand on its own base. TowelMaid Towel Rack has beautiful furniture grade polyvinyl chloride structural coating which makes it appear glossy and shiny. It also makes it mildew resistant.

It blocks UV ray from sunlight as it reflects the harmful UV ray back. And it also makes it non-yellowing which does not get corroded or does not catch rust easily. Hence it is easier to clean and polish. It is well built and can support a lot of weight. It is capable to hold tons of towels. Apart from towels, you can also store swimwear, swimsuits, rubber toys etc. If you use TowelMaid Towel Rack, it will be easy to assemble and disassemble your clothes you will be needing for swimming.

It is an imported product which is originally manufactured by the USA. Original dimension: 37.5 inches x 44 inches x 37.5 inches. Users who have used this towel rack, have rated this product with 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Almost all the users are satisfied with the usage of this TowelMaid rack. They have mainly pointed out its durability and portability as the prime factors to get stuck to it in the longer run. Few users have asked people to remain cautious during assembly and dissembling of the rack parts, because there is a possibility of the fingers to get pinched.

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2) Outdoor Spa and Pool Towel Rack – Bone

It is as tall as 50 inches. Hence, it is perfect for hanging your long towels, long swimsuits, large swim tubes and goggles all in the same place. It has three 24 inched crossbar arms which are visibly strong and fully adjustable at any angle you want.

The crossbar arms can be rotated at 360 degrees making the central role as an axis and you can adjust the arms as per your wish to hang the towels and swimsuits. It is made with supreme quality furniture textured grade plastic. The external finishing outer coat is rust-resistant, crack-resistant, discolour proof and rot resistant all at the same time.

All the bars are made of polyvinyl chloride and hence they are sturdy enough for towel hanging. There is a lesser possibility that the bars would become saggy over time.

It possesses 13 inches weight adjustable as well as the well-balanced base which fills too easily with water. Original dimension: 13 inches x 13 inches x 50 inches. Users have rated this product with 4.2 out of 5 stars at the original Amazon website.

Most of the customers who have used this towel rack have rated it good, but a very few of them have mentioned the fact that during winter, the base of the rack would freeze and there is a possibility to crack.

3) The Original Hanging Towel Rack

It is easy to carry and place on any wall. It is also easily portable. You can hang it on any wall or any vertical surface near the above-ground swimming pool.

It can hold up to 6 towels at a time (simultaneously). This is a limitation for this product. If you want to hang more than six items at a time while being at the pool, you should absolutely discard the idea to purchase this product from your mind beforehand, because even if you try to put more than six towels at a time over this rack, you will not be able to afford it.

However, you can purchase an independent hanger separately to augment your ease of usage. It is warp-resistant. It also guarantees that it will not get faded or peeled. It comes with an assembled set up. Hence no further assembling required. It is lightweight to afford portability too. Even though the parts are not supportive to dissemble, but its overall weight is conducive for carrying the whole entity to any other place and then hang it on some other wall or vertical place.

If you do not have any space to dry out your swimming outfits, then this Towel Rack is also the best one for drying out your bathing suits. Original dimension: 18 inches x 14 inches x 4 inches. Users of the original hanging towel rack have rated this product with 4.1 out of 5 stars based on their overall satisfaction for using this product.

Few users have stated the fact that they tried to experiment whether the rack handles are able to support more than six towels at a time or not, but they fail to get their desired result. No doubt, the bars are sturdy, but the overall structure of this towel rack is such that the diverging shape of the bars is not supportive to hold more than six towels simultaneously. The extra towels will drop down to your dismay.

4) Portable Outdoor Lamp Company 405BRZ Portable Outdoor 5 Bar Towel Rack – Bronze

It has a sturdy and large base which provides brilliant stability. Considering the overall structure, it is made of furniture-grade polyvinyl chloride which is stabilized and UV ray resistant to protect the external finish for long, so that the outer coat lasts for many years.

It has a beautiful metallic colour of bronze which add a touch of royalty and antiquity to your swimming place.
This towel rack has 5 robust horizontal bars to hang dry towels.

It is extremely easy to assemble and disassemble. As per the users’ review, it takes only 5 minutes to assemble the parts of this product. Kindly note that Philips screwdriver is required for assembling the parts. Also, please note that this rack is not foldable.

It has packed item of 1 per box or 4 per master carton which gets counted as 1 case. Original dimension: 40 inches x 40 inches x 18 inches. Users have rated portable outdoor lamp with 4.1 out of 5 stars (click here to see).

Though most of the users are satisfied with the usage of Portable Outdoor Lamp Tower Rack, many of them have pointed out a limitation of this product i.e. the bars are not towel warmer powered.

Hence, the wet towels cannot be hanged on this rack for getting dried. Some users have complained about this product for not being warp-resistant. When temperatures are very high, the towel holders get warped and curved. They could no longer get straight further.

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5) Fishy Towel Rack – Antique Turquoise Metal by Kalalou

It is suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor usage since it comes with a comparatively shorter size.
It is easy to carry anywhere.

Hence you can carry this fishy towel rack from lake-house to beach house to pool house, anywhere you want.

External finish: Antique turquoise

Original dimension: 30.5 inches x 20.5 inches x 3 inches

Users have rated it 3.5 out of 5 stars(click here to see) on the basis of their user experience.

Many have stated that the hooks get corroded and the outer colour coating catches the rust very quickly.

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