Are you tired of drenching in your own perspiration in summer?

Beat the heat of scorching season this year with following Best Summer Escapes Pools that we reviewed.

Place it in your backyard or a garden with free space, and enjoy relaxing noon in the pool with your kids. It is incredibly cheap.

Probably you will not believe the fact that this Pool is a ditto copy of popular Intex Pools but comes at an excessively lower price when compared with the price of Intex Pools.

Rather, this pool gives you much flexibility and provides you with a wide range of functionalities than an Intex Pool offers.

This pool is customizable to different sizes, portable, movable, easy to install and can be of various colours and textures.

It is much spacious than the usual kiddie pool.

If you have children of ages between 5 and 10, you can send them to swim on the pool along with their toys like rubber ducks and plastic cups.

They will love to splash around and play with each other.

If you are bothered about the effort you need to put for setting up and installation, then just put all your worries aside.

Your single effort is enough to set up the pool. You will not need any of your family member’s support with the setting up part.

You just need to select the area where you are planning to install the pool.

You do not need to level the ground at all. And you do not have to go through the pains of putting bottom rail and setting up the walls.

These pools are structured in a tubbed fashion with a sturdy bottom and solid plastic walls.

The ring pool does not even require a frame. The other variety of round frame pool needs a frame outside surrounding the walls. Check it out Splash Pools: Deluxe Round Pool Review, it’s round too.

One-liner should be added to the frame and the pump and filter should be hooked up with it.

Instantly just after placing the pool on the ground, you can just pour water into it to fill it up and to make it ready to use.

Clearance of swimming pools is a headache sometimes.

You might be constantly keeping yourself alert on how to make the pool safer for your kids so that they do not get contaminated from any hazardous chemical substances present in the water.

To diminish your worry, this comes with an in-built chlorine dispenser which cleanses the pool water perfectly fine.

This apart, it provides you with a set of equipment along with easy to replace filter cartridges, pump with ground fault circuit interrupter and skimmers which keeps your pool water crystal clear making it safe for your skin.

The following list provides you with detailed reviews of the two most popular Summer Escapes swimming pools.

By going through their enlisted features, respective pros and cons and actual pool reviews by the customers on Amazon website’s sale page, you can subsequently select the most suitable pool which really caters to your priorities and requirements.

1) Quick Set Summer Escapes Ring Pool

Summer Escapes Quick Set Ring Pool

Key Features:

  • Shape: Round
  • Dimension: 10 feet x 30 inches; 12 feet x 30 inches; 15 feet x 42 inches (anyone)
  • External finish: Sturdy shiny blue solid plastic
  • Internal finish: Blue strong vinyl liner
  • Built: Strong with heavy-duty bottom
  • Supported by: Self-supporting tubbed structure. No external frame is required.
  • Package contains: Easy to replace filter cartridges,
    Barrier ladder.
    Ground cloth to protect the bottom of the pool from punctures.
    Maintenance kit.
    RP600 pump with GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) protection.


  • Extremely easy setup and installation, requires single effort, no need for levelling the ground.
  • Cheapest and most affordable. Has the highest return on investment.
  • It has different three sizes available to choose from.
  • It has a filter cartridge and in-built chlorinator.


  • The “O” rings are not watertight. Some water may drip out from the connector gasket which is attached to the pool wall. Hence, you need to lubricate the “O” rings in the hose attachments with some lubricating gel on a regular basis.
  • The smallest one can accommodate only two kids. The largest variety is spacious to accommodate two adults along with four children, but not more than that. Hence, if your main motto is to throw a pool party with lots of friends, you should not target this above-ground pool.

Customer Reviews:

Quick Set Summer Escapes Ring Pool has 3.6 stars out of 5 in Amazon’s official website as reviewed by the users.

Even though most of the users have stated that they got benefited by purchasing Pool, but few mentioned about a common problem they have faced i.e. the filter motor pump gets damaged very quickly.

On contacting customer support, they only got to know the fact that purchasing a new pump for it would take the same cost of purchasing a Pool altogether.

Hence, the moot point is – the filter is really weak and you need to rinse it or lubricate it very frequently.

2) Summer Escapes Round Frame Pool with Skimmer Filter

Family with children enjoying in summer escapes pool

Key Features:

  • Shape: Round.
  • Dimension: 18 feet x 48 inches.
  • External finish: Staggering triple-layered heavy gauge PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) shell.
  • Internal finish: Polyester inner mesh sidewalls.
  • Built: Robust and durable with rust-resistant and powder-coated heavy-duty steel frame.
  • Supported by: A laminated all-around band surrounding the walls for extra stability.
  • Package contains:
    1000 GPH (Gallon Per Hour) skimmer filter pump (Model SFS1000) with starter filter cartridge.
    Sturdy sure step pool ladder.
    Debris cover.
    Ground cloth to protect the bottom of the pool from punctures.
    Maintenance kit with quick-start instructions.


  • It is much stable and sturdier than this Pool.
  • Easy to set up, but requires more effort than setting up a Pool.
  • This comes with Skimmer Filter has a convenient quick-release drain plug that can easily connect to a standard garden hose for draining water away from the pool area.
  • The skimmer filter pump comes with one each ready to use Type C cartridge filter with in-built chlorinator which simply adds one-inch diameter chlorine tablets to the filter. Hence filtration is automatic and super easy.


  • The pump does not provide service for the longer tenure. Replacement of filter pump’s parts is very difficult. And replacement of the entire filter pump costs high which is as much as purchasing a new pool.
  • Even though the walls have staggering built, the bottom is susceptible to leaks.

Customer Reviews:

Summer Escapes Round Frame Pool with Skimmer Filter has an overall rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars in Amazon’s official website by the users.

Though most of the users have not denied its benefits, many have pointed out the negativities associated with it as listed above in the “cons” part.

Replacement of filter pump’s parts are extremely difficult, and as told by the users, the Customer Support service has declared that the parts of the filter pump are only available in warmer months, not in winter.

Hence, if you damage your filter pump during winter, you need to either purchase a whole new filter pump or have to wait up to next summer when the parts will be reported ‘available’ by the Customer Support service.

So customers have expressed their opinions that buying an Intex Pool has advantages over buying this Summer Escapes Round Frame Pool if you judge the value of it in the longer run. Can’t decide what pool should buy? Go to our list of the great pools.

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