Choosing a fancy pair of goggles is always easy if you only intend to be a fashionista, but choosing the same for underwater swimming becomes difficult because you need to know about the other aspects apart from just its style or look.

A good fit on your face is important because, without it, there would be a possibility of water leakage which in turn, would make your underwater vision blurry. Then, you need to be cautious about anti-fog and anti-glare features. These are important for keeping your vision clear while swimming.

The most common feature now a day is obviously UV ray protection mechanism, which is usually incorporated in most of the goggles irrespective of its nature – whether it is underwater swimming goggles or it is just a normal goggle for regular usage.

Harmful UV ray can damage your retina, hence precaution is better than cure. These apart, there are some secondary aspects like comfort level its nose bridge provides with, or the sturdiness of the material also play a part when you decide to purchase a swimming goggle.

Following five best swimming goggles have topped the Amazon users’ review chart by rating statistics.

1) SwimElite Swimming Goggles

Key Features:

  • One of the best rated swimming goggles available in Amazon.
  • Best underwater vision without any blurriness. It provides a 180-degree field of vision coupled with reduced tunnel vision. 100% anti-blur and 100% anti-glare.
  • Keep an eye on Amazon website for checking special offers it provides very often for getting a bundle of goggles, premium hard case to store it and a swim elite cap. Sometimes, a nose clip and earplugs are also freely provided with its pack.
  • It offers 100% UV ray protection.
  • The anti-fog coating is enabled.
  • It comes with anti-shatter lenses.
  • It has a mirror coating for reduced glare.
  • Adjustable head strap.
  • Silicon cushions are provided for comfort.
  • Fully leak-proof. Soft silicon Nose Bridge keeps your nose unpierced and provides extreme comfort.
  • Also, it keeps away all the water creating a perfect vacuum.
  • Comes in three varieties – clear black, mirrored black, mirrored white.

Caution Points:

  • Be careful while changing the nose or bridge pieces. It is prone to break.
  • Costlier than other varieties available in the market.

2) Aegend Swimming Goggles

Key Features:

  • Aegend goggles are a snug fit on different shapes of facial forms. It has premium silicon material and ergonomic design used on the goggles to ensure no water leak into it.
  • It has the latest Environmental Treatment Technology-enabled anti-fog protection system which makes the inner surfaces of the goggles safe to use.
  • The outer surface of the lens has UV ray protection mechanism to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays coming from sunlight.
  • It comes with a flexible silicon frame and improved nose pieces which provide a fair level of comfort ensuring it would never hurt your nose or leave a mark on your nose.
  • Children below the age of 8 years can also wear it without any harm caused to them.
  • It gives you an option to choose between three types of lenses – clear lens, grey lens, mirrored lens respectively.
  • It has a stylish look and it comes with varieties of colours – black, blue, green.
  • It has a one year warranty.

Caution Points:

  • People who are allergic to silicon are suggested to stay away from buying this product.
  • Some users have expressed that objects underwater seem blurred and distorted while swimming with this goggles but above the surface, everything seems normal. If you perceive that using this goggle is severely straining your eyes, then please discontinue wearing it.

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3) U-Fit Performance Swimming Goggles

Key Features:

  • This is the most popular swimming goggles available in Amazon. According to users’ rating, this goggles acquires the Numero Uno position.
  • U-Fit comes with a warranty for the period of one whole year. In case of any damage, the customer support will refund your money. In case of any faulty part’s replacement, customer care will quickly replace it without charging a single penny. Hence you do not have to bear any headache.
  • 100% UV ray protective lens which helps in shielding your eyes from unwanted and harmful UV rays from sunlight.
  • The anti-shatter mechanism is included for the glasses of this goggles. This keeps it scratch-free.
  • The anti-fog mechanism is also included for the glasses. This provides exceptional clarity in vision.
  • Mirror coated lens for reducing the glare.
  • These goggles have an easy removal system since it comes with the revolutionary clip-on and clips of the system.
  • It also saves swimmer’s time and provides comfort while removing or putting their U-fit goggles.
  • During summertime, please keep an eye on Amazon’s official website to check the sales. It usually provides 15% off during summer sale.

Caution Points:

  • This goggle is not recommended for children having age under 12. Above 12, men and women both can wear it though.
  • This one may not fit into typical long or oval faces since it would lead to leaking.
  • So check the fitting before purchasing it.

4) Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swimming Goggles

Key Features:

  • It has an over-sized lens with patented curved lens technology.
  • It has ultra-durable Pexisol lens for 4 points expanded and 180-degree wide visibility.
  • The material is of superior quality (imported). It is made in the USA.
  • It is equipped with a single touch, quick-fit buckle for the perfect fit with simple adjustments.
  • 100% UV ray protection enabled.
  • The anti-fog mechanism is enabled.
  • Silicon trap is present for security and durability.
  • Stabilizing Nose Bridge is provided for comfortability.
  • Has varieties to choose from – clear lens, mirrored lens, smoke lens. Colours are also ranging from pink, red, lime, silver, neon-orange, green with a black or white body.

Caution Points:

  • This goggle is not leak-proof. Hence be careful of extra water inflow within the glasses.
  • This goggle does not come with anti-fog and anti-glare coats.

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5)  Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Goggles

Key Features:

  • It has a sleek and snug inner eye fit which apparently bears a lightweight look.
  • It has an anti-fog coating on its glasses which prevents the condensation of water.
  • The glasses are having UV ray protective lenses which block sunlight’s harmful UV-A and UV-B components and thus protect the eyes.
  • This pair of goggles include 4 interchangeable nose pieces for a custom precision fit.
  • The mirrored lens of the goggles helps to reduce the glare.
  • The lenses are having an ultra-mirrored coating to further reduce glare.
  • It has updated styling with ultra-low profile design and 25% more peripheral vision.
  • Classic original fit with soft silicone eye seals.
  • It has an attachment of improved two colour silicone double head strap along with ergonomic adjustable clips.
  • It is 100% polyvinyl chloride-free goggles.

Caution Points:

  • The lenses are perceived as too dark by some of the users.
  • These goggles are not suitable for open-water swimming, as suggested by the aquatic experts.

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