Have you ever pondered over the fact how much your loving pets get hurt when you enjoy with your friends and family at the summer splash pools completely disowning your pets?

If you think that there is not enough prop or medium for their merriment, then you are wrong.

Amazon has brought special pools for your pet dogs.

Guess…what is most special about it?

This pool comes with a lucrative shape of bone which your dog loves to it.

Do not worry, if your dog actually tries to eat it. This Dog Bone Shaped Pools for Your Dogs Review is chew resistant.

Hence, even if your dog attacks it by chewing the edges, it is strong enough to sustain the damages.

Key Features Bone Shaped Pools:

  • Type Classification: Splash pool for dogs
  • Water Capacity: 85 gallons
  • Shape: Dog Bone
  • Dimension: 11inches x 44inches x 66 inches
  • Accommodation: One full-sized dog along with two puppies
  • External finish: Made of truck-bed liner material (white, blue and pink colors available)
  • Internal finish: Heavy-duty virgin high molecular weight polyethylene with 25% UV inhibitor
  • Specialties: UV resistant, chew-resistant, equipped with summertime cooling mechanism
  • Package contains:
    (1) Brass cap and drain for easy draining
    (2) An instructional manual for maintenance and keep up


  • Easy setup. No tools are needed.
  • This pool is made in the U.S.A. Hence the quality of the material is sturdier compared to the pools made of Chinese materials.
  • Truck-bed liner material is stronger than plastic material, and it makes this pool chew resistant. If your dogs chew it, this is strong enough to sustain the consequent damage.
  • Sturdier outlook but lightweight, hence portable and easy to carry.
  • It has heavy-duty virgin high molecular weight polyethylene with 25% UV inhibitor in its coating, which makes it UV ray resistant. Hence your dogs are protected from harmful rays if you expose them into the sunlight.
  • The pool has an internal mechanism for cooling. It keeps the water cool in the summertime even.
  • This pool is provided with a brass cap and draining system which keeps it clean, and your dogs remain safe from contamination by any harmful material in the pool water, if any.
  • This pool is available in various colors – white, pink, blue. Pink and blue varieties are more popular because of their capabilities of restraining cooler environment.
  • This pool is cheap in price considering the quality of the material.


  • The built-in draining system can arise issues sometimes.
  • There is no heating mechanism during winter season just like it has an internal cooling mechanism for the summer season.
  • This pool does not come with any other subsidiary accessory. Customers have to purchase fire hydrant statues, pet-water fountain and cleaner cum disinfectant solution separately.
  • There is no warranty provided with this product. Customer support also does not ensure help for 24×7. Hence if you want to replace any part, please beware.

This pool can accommodate one to three dogs depending on their size. One full-sized Labrador along with two kiddie Labradors can be well accommodated within one of such dog bone-shaped pool.

During summertime, when your dogs get exhausted, place them inside this pool, and get yourself ready to watch their satisfaction.

This pool has a built-in mechanism for cooling during the summer season. So, your dog will enjoy spending day time in this pool.

This dog bone above ground pool can help to reduce its temperature up to 10 degree Celsius. If you choose the darker color exterior like pink or blue, it will help to restore much cooler than a white one.

At the same time, if you are not at home, you can save a substantial amount of money by skipping the daycare kennel cost for keeping your dogs over there.

Your dogs can enjoy the same amount of fun at your home if you just place them in this dog bone-shaped pool.

If you are too protective and touchy about the skin of your dogs, this pool will take ultra-care for your dog’s skin perfectly by reflecting back the harmful UV rays from sunlight.

This pool is having heavy-duty virgin high molecular weight polyethene with 25% UV inhibitor, which helps in not-absorbing the frequency of UV ray waves from sunlight, and hence those rays get reflected back without touching your dog’s skin.

The truck-bed liner material of the pool exterior gives it an overall sturdier outlook.

Please note that this pool is not built with usual Chinese plastic material, it is made of the truck-bed liner which is a costly American material.

Considering the quality of material, this dog bone shaped material is actually cheaper than other sorts of pools around.

This pool package provided you with a brass cap and a drain for easy cleaning.

But according to users, these are not enough to keep this pool clean and safe for your dogs.

This pool does not come with any built-in filtration system. This pool also does not have any built-in chlorinator system either.

If you are too cautious about keeping your dog out of any harmful contamination, then you can use the hose and a scrub brush or some dish soap to clean the dog bone pool interior.

For cleaning and disinfecting purpose, if you want to purchase Alpha Tech Pet KennelSol Germicidal Cleaner and Disinfectant, please check this link.

Some users have also mentioned in Amazon’s official site that they clean the entire pool with some bleach and store it away during the winter season.

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The only drawback of this dog bone shaped pool is that it does not have any built-in heating mechanism in the winter season, just like it has a built-in cooling mechanism in the summer season.

This pool has an easy setup.

Even though its package comes with an instructional manual for setting up and installation, it actually does not require any instruction at all for the said purpose.

Neither you require anyone else for setting up or installation of dog bone-shaped pool, nor do you need any manual for any help. It is just that you need to place this pool somewhere, just like placing a tray on the table.

You can place it anywhere you like, be it garden, or backyard, or the washroom, or on the top of your large swimming pool floating over it.

The truck-bed finished exterior also supports in floating the pool along with the weight of dog over the water.

This pool does not come with extra subsidiary accessories with its package. Hence, you need to purchase the other required accessories separately.

If you would like to purchase Dog Pet Water Fountain API Doggie Fountain, please check here.

Also, you might be needing Fire Hydrant Statue, to purchase this please check this link out. If you want to buy a dog paw-shaped pool, you can check this out.

Customer Reviews:

Dog Bone Shaped Pools have 4.7 stars out of 5 in Amazon’s official website as reviewed by the users.

Almost all the users have got a very satisfactory result by using this Dog Bone Shaped Pools for Your Dogs Review since their dogs have thoroughly enjoyed splashing water in this pool.

A very few numbers of users have mentioned that they would have loved it more if this pool had some subsidiary accessories supplied along with it.

Among all pet pools available over Amazon online market, this dog bone pool is having the highest rating and has won the maximum popularity among all.

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