Swimming has its own set of benefits and if it is recommended by your physician for a medical condition, then all the more it makes sense to present the pool Review for a better and vibrantly healthy life.

Now many may not find it feasible to go out and use public swimming pools, others may find in-ground pools to be a costly affair and for some space could be an issue if they ever thought about swimming pools.

It is like your personal pool which does not take much space. People find it convenient to use and most of the users have either installed it in a room or have utilized their garage for the same. What is a Fitmax iPool for Aqua Therapy and Exercise?

This is a unique product designed by iPool which allows you to swim at your own expediency.
It is a therapy and exercise pool that has a strap to be attached to your waist while you can enjoy your swimming in an endless pool.

There are jets placed inside this pool that create the current and you can swim against it the way you like.
Not to mention that this is a great way to enjoy aqua therapy and exercise at home.

Benefits of Fitmax iPool

It is very evident that this is a great means to boost your cardiovascular health. This means you will be living a healthy life which is a priceless outcome for sure.
Here are a few benefits of using these exercise pools that you can bask into:

  • These pools are space-saving
  • These can be used as a remedy for conditions like back pain, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and muscle tears as well as strain
  • This means they are therapeutic pools
  • Can help improve strength and balance due to the buoyancy of water
  • Since the body is weightless and there is no gravitational pull water exercises do not take a toll on your muscles
  • This indicates it is less prone to injury
  • It improves heart, functioning of the lungs and blood flow because of the hydro-static pressure
  • Easy to start aqua therapy and an exercise regime
  • It is better to test in water over land
  • These are low maintenance pools
  • Most of these pools are very affordable

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About Fitmax iPool for Aqua Therapy and Exercise

These are a range of innovative products that ensure you with all the safety and privacy while swimming.
These are revolutionary products that are well built with PVC coated tanks that are protected with lightweight vinyl liner and these can hold 1500 gallons of water.
Yet these do not take a lot of space which is like 10 x 6.5 feet (65 square feet at the most) and is accompanied with a Velcro strap to keep you safe.
Moreover, these are good for all kinds of swimmers from novices to advanced levels.
Beginners can practice floating and advanced swimmers can enjoy their freestyle, backstroke or butterfly at ease.

Installation Guide

Its installation is quite an effortless task and you can keep it both outside or inside as per your requirement.
While installing it just make sure that you put it up on a levelled surface otherwise pool may get damaged.
One more thing that you need to ensure if installing it inside is that the floor should be able to bear a weight of 1 ton.


There are a lot of exercise pool accessories that you can take advantage of like:

  • iPool Umbrella – This will keep you off suntan and you can enjoy the pool even in broad daylight. This umbrella will cover the pool completely and will be attached to 6 points that keep secured.
  • Fitmax iPool Gym Chin Up Bar – Want to tone your arms, flatten the tummy, build and strengthen shoulders? Then you can opt for this stainless steel chin-up bar to get rid of a shoulder injury as well.
  • Fitmax Aquatic Walker – It is stainless steel bracing that uses an individual’s buoyancy to help them walk in the water. The handlebars keep you secured from falling and you can enjoy walking and swimming all in one with this piece of accessory.

To wrap up on this topic it has to be mentioned that Fitmax iPool for Aqua Therapy and Exercise is an excellent choice.
It is an easy to clean filter pump and you can use chlorinated water if you want.
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You can change the water after every 3 to 6 months because the cartridge of the filter needs to remain in working condition.
To your surprise, it must be added that it comes with a repair kit as well.
So you see that iPool has indeed packed in a power lap pool with this range of products.
What are you waiting for?

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