GLI Above Ground Pool Safety Fence Kit fully takes care of your all concerns related to your pool fencing worries.

Even, if you decide to get your pool insured through homeowner’s insurance policy, then you are ought to get your pool fenced adequately, following proper rules and instructions.

In this post, we will discuss the key features, calculation of the number of fences required, the purpose of installing the GLI fence around the pool, thorough installation and fixation procedure and customers’ overall verdict about this GLI above ground pool safety fence base kit.

Key Features:

  • It helps to improve your pool’s safety by preventing accidental drowning.
  • This solid 24-inch fencing helps to safely keep unwanted intruders out of the pool and keep toys and water games in. Your children and pet dogs can safely stay away from your above ground swimming pool.
  • It is maintenance-free since it has rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) construction.
  • It is harmful to UV ray resistant. The material’s outer coat reflects away the UV ray component from sunlight.
  • All fencing, fence posts, installation instructions, and required hardware included. The customer does not need to purchase any other hardware part separately.
  • It comes in three varieties: 2-section, 3-section, 8-section. The 2-section package includes only Kit C – 2 sections. The 3-section package includes only Kit B – 3 sections. The 8-section package includes only Kit A – 8 sections. Each one of these three is sold separately.
  • Each fence section measures 64.5 inches x 1.5 inches x 24 inches.
  • Approximate assembly time: 2 hours.
  • Total weight: 50.6 pounds.
  • This product is backed by a warranty for a whopping 5 years (limited). Returnable within 90 days.

Deciding How Many GLI Above Ground Fence Kits You Will Need

It is difficult to determine how much of your pool you want to fence.

The fence is calculated by “fence sections” – the amount of fence used to cover a top rail on your pool, from pool support post to pool support post.

Count the pool top rails you want to cover with the fence – use this number when ordering fence kits. The chart above helps you to determine the fence kits you would want to order. In the example illustration below, the round pool has 16 top rails.

It has a deck taking up two top rails. Therefore, 14 sections of fence are required to completely enclose the remainder of the pool.

Using the chart, 14 sections = 1 A and 2 B fence kits to order. Kit A has 8 sections, Kit B has 3 sections and Kit C has 2 sections.

Please check out the picture above to get an idea of the breakdown of kits required and other involved intricacies.

Purpose of Installing GLI

This GLI pool fence helps to impart safety and overall aesthetics of your above ground pool without bearing any additional price of a separate full-fledged fence.

Each section of GLI pool fence extends the top rail of the above-ground swimming pool by 24 inches so that it becomes less likely your children or your pet dogs to get into the pool without your awareness.

It will also make it easier for you to keep the pool toys inside the pool when your kids are playing around.

The fences have rounded edges so that they can attach quickly.

The kit comes with everything you may need, including detailed instructions and all the hardware setups at a single place.

Once you are done with the installation of GLI fence, you are ready to proceed for homeowner’s insurance to ensure above ground pool as a whole.

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Installation Procedure

As it is already mentioned before, this above ground pool safety fence is available in different sectioned kits (2, 3 and 8).

Hence, the toughest part of the installation of it is to decide how many fence kits you will be needing to set up your above ground pool fence.

You are free to choose a 2-section kit, a 3-section kit or an 8-section kit, depending on your requirement and overall pool diameter.

The way to fix out how many kits you need, you need to count the total number of side supports that your above ground pool possesses.

One fence section usually extends from one support crossing the next.

If you choose the 8-section kit, each of the base kits is supposed to come with 6 mid posts and 2 end posts.

Calculation-wise, if your pool has 16 supports, you need to purchase the 8 sectioned base kit and 2 of the smaller kits.

Else, you may end up having a lesser number of posts you require to the fence around your pool.

Once you are done with the calculation of fence posts and other allied sections figured out, the rest of the installation procedure is really easy. You just have to attach the fence posts of GLI to the supports of your above ground swimming pool.

You may find the installation process a bit time-consuming.

And, if you do not have a drill within your easy reach, you may find it irritating too. But relax, you need not have to worry about it.

This GLI pool fence is a generalized universal fence, hence you need to customize it according to your own pool’s specific features so that this fence fits into your requirements.

You may also buy a good quality Mitre Saw to handle the task or cutting the sections efficiently.

Please visit this link to shop your favourite Mitre Saw from Amazon website.

There are many varieties, you need to choose the required one as per your desired functionalities like the depth offences you want to cross-section and the length of fences you want to cut out, etc.

Customers’ Verdict

As per customer review on Amazon’s official website, it has received 3.5 out of 5 stars.

People who have used this, have all said that they are happy with the usage of this GLI pool fencing kit because this is the reason for which they could become able to get their above ground swimming pools insured under homeowner’s insurance policy.

They have also praised the warranty for a whopping period of five years.

Customer Support has also helped them out through various fault repairing services whenever they have been in need of it.

A few numbers of customers have expressed their opinion on disliking the look of this fence kit. They have also expressed their grievance in the time-consuming procedure of installing it.

Few people have also complained that they have not understood the calculation of sections needed properly, and they did actually end up purchasing a lesser number of sections to the fence around their swimming pools.

Hence, it is extremely important for you to first measure your above ground swimming pool diameter, and then decide how many numbers of GLI pool safety fence sections you would be requiring to buy.

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