If you have been on the lookout for pool lights then you could simply go for the Hayward Elite Quartz 50-Watt Halogen as it is a reliable product and it comes from a reliable brand such as Hayward that has been producing bulbs for years with a huge customer base all over the world.

In fact, this halogen bulb has gained a lot of popularity because it tolerates water circulation without interfering with the filtration. It is clear that if you do go for this bulb it is a win-win situation for you all the way.

The Uniqueness of Hayward SP056525A Elite Quartz 50-Watt Halogen

This bulb is specially designed for the pools above the ground; this is what makes the bulb very special and this is why it gets named in this Best Underwater Pool Light Reviews.

The optical lenses in the bulb evenly distribute the light all over the pool. The best part is that it can be installed very easily and it does not interfere with the filtration of the pool.

The bulb comes with a kit that comes with multi-coloured lenses that can create a dreamy atmosphere in the pool.


The wonderful features of Hayward SP056525A Elite Quartz 50-Watt Halogen have added to its popularity in the market over the years.

  1. Fantastic designing: The design of this bulb is very smart, and you can instantly understand that a lot of care has gone into manufacturing the bulb
  2. Very durable product: There is no harm in stating that the product is made to last, the body of the bulb is made from a hard acrylic material that has a high resistance to chemicals.
  3. Easy installation: The best thing about buying this product is that it can be installed within a few minutes, as a user you do not have to know the technicalities. Simply follow the instructions on the manual and you are good to go.
  4. Very safe to use: Hayward has abided by the entire industry standard and has given us a product that we can use without a cloud of fear looming over our heads.
  5. Price: This product is priced at about $135 approx.

So by going through the features mentioned above, you may have understood that you are getting the best features of a bulb all packed in one for a great price.

As a user, you will be very satisfied with the entire thing.

The Pros and Cons

A perfect product is nothing but a myth, every single product sold in the market has its share of good and bad so the Hayward SP056525A Elite Quartz 50-Watt Halogen is no exception.

So if you learn about the pros and cons you will know how to use the product well rather than feel discouraged to buy it.

The Pros

  • The bulb comes with a cord that measures about 25 feet and a 120-volt transformer.
  • The light given out by the bulb is very bright and it covers a big area.
  • The after-sales service offered by the company is praiseworthy.
  • When compared to other brands.
  • Halogen is quite affordable and when you look at the features it is worth spending money on.

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The Cons

Customers have often stated that the bulb does not work after a few months and that the casing is fragile, well all of these could be a manufacturing defect of a particular batch.

All these products have one thing in common that of quality and there are no doubts about it.

We have reviewed the best in class pool lights exhaustively. This is very true that all these products are truly a class apart from many pool light.

Hope we have provided valuable insights into each product we reviewed and will finally help you to make an informed decision before you shell your money into one.

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