Intex Metal Frame Pool Review

If you are looking for a pool that is better than the inflatable ones yet strong and durable, then the Intex Metal Frame Pool would be the right choice for you.

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This metal frame swimming pool is a top bestseller and is considered as a pool with the most value for money.

It is, of course, a step down from the Intex Ultra frame pool in certain respects yet is very durable and will last you a number of seasons of fun and good times with family and friends.

Intex Metal Frame Pool for family

Intex Metal Frame Pool Complete Overview

It comes with strong durable steel frames with a specially designed, triple-layered, ultra-strong laminated sidewalls for grossly minimizing the risk of wear and tear and to prevent unwanted leaks.

And it doesn’t require any additional tools to set up.

The snap-on joints make it a breeze to get the pool of running although some additional hands are recommended to keep the structure in an erect position while assembling the structure.

Most people start using the pool on the same day of setup. As easy as it is to set up the pool, dismantling it isn’t much of a headache either.

In fact, it is recommended that the pool be dismantled and stored away when not in use. It takes very little space for the packed up Intex metal frame pool to store during off-seasons.

Places where there is heavy snowfall, it is best to pack and tuck away the pool or you stand the risk of damaging pool liners as well as steel frames from rupture and cracks.

In places of warm climate, the pool can use all year round by using a heater or solar covers during the winter months.

Another brilliant pool from Intex is Ultra Frame Pool which we rank as No. 1 Above Ground Pool.

family having fun in swimming pool

The Intex metal frame pool is available only in a circular version.

Also, the setup of the pool is easy for all sizes.

The sizes available for the Intex metal frame pool are:

  • Intex 12 Feet x 30 inches (12 feet is the diameter)
  • Intex 15 Feet X 48 inches
  • Intex 18 Feet X 48 inches
  • Intex 24 Feet X 52 inches.

You must choose the variant depending upon the size of your family or the number of people you wish to accommodate in the pool.
chart of pool sizes

Installation Guide

The primary requisite for a steadfast and balanced install of a pool is that the ground on which the pool stands is flat and leveled.

One must repair the ground in case of visible soft sand and loose mud prior to the installation of the above ground pool. It is always recommended that the ground be cleared of any grass or shrubs.

After clearing the ground place a ground cloth or a tarp on which to install the pool. This would greatly eliminate the chances of leaks or holes caused in the pool liners.

Always refer to the installation DVD that comes with the Intex pool for complete step-by-step instructions on how to go about the installation.

Apart from that one can refer to Youtube for additional help.


  • The Intex metal frame pool comes bundled with a patented Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump. This pump is inadequate to serve the water volume. Moreover, there is a recurring cost involved in replacing the used cartridges. It would be a wiser decision to go for an Intex sand filter pump which would actually be effective on the large water body within the pool. You can read a review about it here on above ground pool pumps.
  • Most people who have used the Intex pool usually prefer to add a saltwater system to their purchase. This helps in the long-term maintenance of the pool as chemical usage is eliminated to keep the water free from algae and bacteria. Secondly, it keeps the family’s health on top as exposure to chemicals while swimming is taken care of.
  • If you’re planning to set up the Intex metal frame pool in your backyard than it would be a good idea to bundle your purchase with an above ground pool cover. This will help you keep your pool covered from leaves, bugs and unwanted debris.

Installation of pool

Final Thoughts

The Intex Metal Frame pool has some very good reasons to be a bestseller in above ground pools niche.

It is reasonably priced, easy setup and dismantles features and above all the quality of the product is extremely good.

Hence customer complaints are a minimum.

We have tried to put together a thorough review along with its pros and cons.

We sure hope you enjoy reading the material and make an informed decision on your purchase.

We usually keep our readers updated with seasonal offers for them to take advantage of coupons and deals.

You can also share your experience with your aboveground pool and ask the community for help and suggestions related to your pool.

We sincerely hope you have a wonderful time with your kids, family, and friends in your above ground pool for years to come.

If looking for a pool for your kids we would recommend you Intex Mini Frame Pool.