If you do not have a big backyard or a spacious garden with enough free space, probably you have thought that your kids will never be able to enjoy a nice bath or water-splash in a swimming pool during summer.

Is it your budget that is restricting you from making your dream into reality? You need not worry. Your kids can get the scope to enjoy an equal amount of fun if you just purchase an Intex Mini Frame Pool.

Moreover, it is portable, movable, easy to install and can be of adjustable sizes. It is just as convenient as putting up a tent as spacious as you want and dismantling it anytime you wish.

Some of you might be thinking that it would take much of an effort to set up this Intex Mini Frame. Whether its Intex Metal Frame Pool or Intex Ultra Frame Pool, installing them is an easy task.

Absolutely false…

You will not need any friends or family members to help you with the setting up part.

Just, you need to select a small area (around 16 square feet) where you are planning to install the pool.


  • Smaller size, hence easy to store, takes up small space.
  • Easy to set up since you need only a small area (16 sq. feet) of flat ground.
  • Super durable option at cheap price.
  • Horizontal beams’ support provides safety to your kids.
  • Perfect kiddie pool to cool off your kids or your pet dogs.
  • Lower depth, so easy cleaning and refilling.
  • Easy filtration as it comes with a drain plug.


  • The swimming pool does not have good depth. 12 inches (1 foot) is not quite a deep pool to fill enough water. It is recommended to fill up almost nine and a half inches deep. Hence it is not meant for the full-grown people to relax in it.
  • The plug to a hole in the water breaks frequently and it is difficult to replace it with another plug unless the customer support helps you.
  • Even though it has a sturdy built, it is vulnerable to damage caused by your pet dogs (if any).
    The corner supports do not always ensure that it stays upright as you fill it.

Once decided, you need to start levelling the ground afterwards.
If there is no flat ground, or if the ground is uneven will lots of rocks then you just need to place the bottom rail over there and start installing the walls by fixing the bottom rail as its basis.

After attaching all the wall ends together, you need to add the supporting props to the pool frame from outside. Keep an eye when the frame becomes solid.

The step-by-step instructions for installation are depicted in detail here for your reference.

After all these steps are over, just fill the pool thoroughly with water and enjoy!

Are your pet dogs tired of drenching in their own perspiration in summer?

Let them beat the heat of scorching season this year with Intex Mini Frame Pool. Place it in your backyard or a garden with free space, and let your pet dogs enjoy relaxing noon in Intex Mini Frame pool with their puppy kids.

It is incredibly cheap…

Probably you will not believe the fact that Pool is a ditto copy of popular Intex Inflatable Family Pools but comes at an excessively lower price when compared with the price of that category of Intex Pool. Rather, this pool gives you much flexibility and provides you with a wide range of functionalities than an Inflatable Family Pool offers.

Intex Mini Frame Pool is customizable to different sizes, portable, movable, easy to install and can be of various colors and textures. It is a bit more spacious than the usual kiddie pool.

If you have children of ages between 3 and 8, you can send them to swim on Intex Mini Frame Pool along with their pool toys like rubber ducks and plastic cups.

They will love to splash around and play with each other.

If your kids are comfortable in playing with your pet puppies and there are no health or contamination issues associated with their playing, then you can place your kids and puppies together in this pool too! They will enjoy each other’s company by spreading water splash!

To set up this swimming pool, you just require a small area of flat ground.

If there are rocks or uneven grounds and you are unable to make them even, you will want to lay down a tarp to protect the bottom of the pool.

From there, you will want to layout the top rail and put foam covers on them. Attach them together to create a square, slip the vinyl pool over the rails, and then put the corner support posts up. The corner supports will ensure that it stays upright as you fill it.

Swimming pools clearance can be causing anxiety to you as you must be thinking how to clear the pool water and make it safe for your kids so that they do not get contaminated from any hazardous chemical substances present inside.

It is absolutely not an issue since the pool package comes with a wholesome set of equipment along with drainage plugs and skimmers which keeps your pool water crystal clear making it safe for your skin and health.

Nowadays, the package also comes with pool landscaping, deck ideas, and deck kits.

By going through its enlisted features, respective pros, and cons and actual pool reviews by the customers on the Amazon website pool sale page.

you can subsequently decide whether the pool is the most suitable pool which really caters to your priorities and requirements or not!

Intex Mini Frame Pool for Kids

Key Specifications Intex Mini Frame Pool:

  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Dimension: 48 inches x 48 inches x 12 inches
  • External finish: Blue vinyl with galvanized steel frame
  • Internal finish: Solid blue vinyl overlap liner in the sides and bottom of the pool
  • Built: Sturdy with horizontal beams are padded with foam to ensure comfort and safety for kids
  • Supported by: Heavy vinyl and strong supporting horizontal beams
  • Package contains:
    Drain plug,
    A repair patch kit,
    Skimmer (optional),
    Warranty for several years (unspecified) and lifetime customer support.

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Customer Reviews:

Intex Mini Frame above ground swimming pool has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars in Amazon’s official website.

Many are satisfied with it since it is hassle-free to store in house and it is easy to set up.

But its poles and feet have no snap features so that cumbersomely fall out often while setting up.

Also, few raised their problems of not getting enough comfort while lying in the swimming pool because of its lesser depth.

This pool has great reviews for accommodating kids of age group 3 to 6 and pet dogs along with puppies.

Just take care and make it sure that your dog does not damage the vinyl liner or it does not break the plug to hole in the water, else you will have a hard time to get the arrangement done for its replacement.

That’s all from this Intex Mini Frame Review. But in the end, we highly recommend you another great pool for kids from Intex, Rainbow Ring Pool.

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