Pentair AquaLuminator Above Ground Light Review

If you have an above the ground pool in your house well that is brilliant, but you may feel a little lost when you go shopping for pool LED lights.

The good news is that the Pentair 98600000 2010-Convertible.

AquaLuminator Above Ground Light is a good product when it comes to illuminating your above the ground pool particularly.

Moreover, this light also comes with an additional fountain attachment that adds to its glamour. This light is manufactured by implementing the state of the art technology so you are getting the very best for your money.

The product has already become a big selling item; reports say that the competitors are having a tough time keeping up. To know more about this fantastic gadget read the full review below.

pentair pool light

The Uniqueness of the Pentair AquaLuminator Aboveground Light

Hydro optic technology creates a bright and warm light. The best thing about the product is that it can be installed in any pool without any difficulty and that too without interfering with the return line.

Once you install this light which only takes about a few minutes, you can be rest assured to have a dreamy swimming experience as this weaves instant glamour into your swimming pool.

You will be happy to know that the light fixture and water return is one single unit.

So no drilling involved in setting up this gadget.

Features of the Pentair Light

This light has some of the unique features that customers find very useful and justifies its sales in huge volumes.

The product has already garnered quite a few positive feedbacks from the users.

  1. Finishing and Design: The finishing of the product is absolutely top-notch and the design is very chic; in fact, the gadget looks so good that you are almost seduced into buying one.
  2. Performance: The performance is unmatched and as a user you will surely be proud to install this in your pool.
  3. The packaging: The packaging of the product is simply flawless. All the items that come with the light are neatly packed to avoid any breakage. These pool led lights are compatible with most above ground pools.
  4. The price: this is priced at approximately $00 and you can find many retailers offering discounts. Whether you get discounts or not it is still reasonably priced in comparison to the others in the market.


pentair above ground pool light reviews

The Pros and Cons

There is nothing called a perfect product as every single one has some inherent qualities.

We just have to find a way to work around the negatives to get the very best out of the product and in this case, the Pentair Convertible AquaLuminator Light is no exception.

The Pros

  • The light provides top-class visibility when you are swimming at night. There is no doubt that the green and blue light add instant magic to the appearance to the water.
  • The quality of the product is so good that you can literally forget about replacing the bulb for about 7 years. However, should you need to replace then you should know that the process is not a tedious one.
  • The after-sales service of the company is something to take notice of, in case you get a lens that is cracked then the company will very promptly replace the bulb for you which was more than a reason to enlist it in the list of the Best Underwater Above Ground Pool Light Reviews.

The Cons

Some customers have complained that the product may be very expensive after all but that has not stopped the gadget from being a top seller.

Certain other users have also said that the product is fragile and breaks very easily, so it means that it needs to be handled properly.

All these products have one thing in common that of quality and there are no doubts about it. We have reviewed the best in class pool lights exhaustively.

This is very true that all these products are truly a class apart from many of above ground pool light.

Hope we have provided valuable insights into each product we reviewed and will finally help you to make an informed decision before you shell your money into one.

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