The Biggest question one comes across while deciding on whether or not to Purchase an Above Ground Pool is the question that How much does a Pool Costs?

Most of us like to research to find out about cheap swimming pools or budget pools.

We also look around to learn more about Above Ground Pools for Sale and Cheap Above Ground Pools to make sure we’re getting budget pools.

This Article will acknowledge all such doubts and pain points related to Above Ground Pool Cost and all the related information like Above Ground Pool Installation Cost and how to find Discount Above Ground Pools.

Above Ground Pool vs Inground Pool Pricing

When people think about investing in swimming pools, they often only consider Inground pools.

Most people have not considered getting a pool for their backyard.

But since this post is mainly related to addressing budget pools, no question the pool will always stand victorious.

On average, the Inground pool costs around $40,000 – $50,000.

Whereas an Above Ground Pool Costs around $3000 – $5000 on an average.

So in totality, the amount of money one invests in a swimming pool can easily be used to buy a cheap above ground pool as well as bear the above ground pool installation cost.

In fact, the complete above ground pool package can be purchased including the cost of the above ground pool with deck.

Above Ground Pool Cost Factor

Above Ground Pool Cost

The Cost of Above Ground Pool depends on several factors like Size, Budget, Location, Space, and Requirements.

The cost of pools includes pool Installation cost, maintenance cost and pool kit that comes with the purchase.

The Quality and Size of the pool will have a price implication. Budget and cheap pools are not as long-lasting as High Quality Above Ground Pools.

Complete pool Packages include installation cost which involved extra labor cost required for ground preparation, ground levelling, tree removal, and sand spreading. These are the vital directions needed to be followed by professionals to install any pool.

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Pool Size vs Cost

Above ground pool, the cost is vastly determined on the shape and design of the pool.

There are three sizes in which you can choose above ground pool packages – Round, Oval, and Rectangular.

The most common choice in lowering the cost of pools or looking for budget pools is to choose round shaped pools. Those are the best for individuals, couples and nuclear families.

If the requirement for cheap above ground pools is to perform water activities and games like volleyball, basketball or even swimming, then buying an oval above ground pool is the best bet.

The rectangular above ground pool is mainly for bigger families and a gathering of friends or casual pool parties. They are the best for the utilization of any backyard space.

Round 12 ft $1200
Round 15 ft $1700
Round 18 ft $3000
Oval 24 ft x 12 ft $2500
Oval 30 ft x 15ft $3300
Oval 33 ft x 18 ft $3500
Oval 41 ft x 21 ft $4500

Above Ground Pool Maintenance Cost

Above Ground Pool costs include a major portion of maintenance.

1) Pool Skimming

The above ground pool has to be skimmed on a regular basis to cleanse it from leaves, dirt, insects and pool debris. Skimming the above ground pool daily will help to maintain the pool filters and keeping the pool clean from contaminated water.

Cost of Skimmer = $7 – $12

Cost of Automatic Skimmer = $19 – $25

2) Cleaning Pool Using Pump

The pool skimmer cannot keep all parts of the pool safe from dirt and clogging. Hence, the purchase of a pool pump is an absolute necessity.

The pump filter may need replacement once a year depending upon its usability.

If the filter of the pump is clogged, the above ground pool’s water will be unsafe for usage as the pump may stop working.

Cost of Pump = $150 – $200

3) Deep Clean

After pool installation and usage, it is often seen that Debris is formed on the sides and the ground or bottom of the pool. To clean this, a soft-bristled pool brush is needed.

Cost of Pool Brush = $7 – $15

4) Water Testing

To maintain crystal clear and healthy water, regular water testing is required. Preferably twice or thrice a week, the water in the pool needs to be tested on pH and sanitizer.

Cost of Digital Water Tester = $12 – $40

5) Chemicals

The above ground pool water needs to have a proper balance of Chlorine and other chemicals in order to optimize the water safety levels.

For this purpose, the best solution is to use Chlorine Tablets. These tablets clean the pool free from bacteria by slowly dissolving in the water and releasing chlorine.

Cost of Chlorine Tablets = $19 – $60

The Yearly cost for maintaining an above ground pool can be around $250 on an average.

Some may also opt for monthly above ground pool maintenance services by professionals which could cost between $70 to $150 on average.

A well maintained above ground pool can last between 7 to 15 years.

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