SmartDeck Spa Deck Spa Support System Review

Smart Deck spa support system is an easy patio solution for supporting your spa weight.

It is supposed to be sold with every hot tub pool, but usually, it is not sold with them. Hence, you are advised to purchase this Smart Deck spa supporting patio solution separately for use.

It offers a rapid solution to level the ground under your spa. There is a bonus to this product.

When you want to move your spa, you will be able to dismount it easily and change its location without leaving any trace contrary to a concrete screed or a wooden patio.

On the other hand, it has a robust structure made of composite material which is a smart alternative to wooden or concrete patios.

Internally, this Smart Deck spa support system is having a structural composite ribbing cage to support the voluminous weight of the spa filled with water.

Look wise also, this patio is more appealing and attractive with metallic black colored textural surface finish, with exclusive optional bullnose edging giving customers a clean and attractive overall appearance.

It has an absolutely easy and user-friendly setup process.

Moreover, it comes with an instructional manual with an illustration of each step.

It has simple and rapid “do it yourself” installation without having to call a professional.

It can be configured in such a way to create a floor area around the spa with other things on its top such as chairs, tables etc.

This smart deck spa support is ideal for both temporary as well as permanent usage.

This Smart Deck spa patio is a prefabricated composite spa deck which enables you to quickly set up a spa anywhere anytime, without the hassle and expense of pouring a concrete slab.

These spa deck panels lock together to create an 8 feet x 8 feet deck with panel length 24 inches, panel width 24 inches and panel thickness 1 and 1/2 inches.

This Smart Deck spa supporting patio should be offered with every hot tub sale, ideally.

But practically, it is not sold with the hot tubs, hence you need to purchase this spa deck supporting patio separately to support your hot tub perfectly.

This apart, this patio is an example of superior craftsmanship considering its overall look and external finish.

So, this spa supporting patio will also increase the attractiveness of your overall spa environment.

There are sixteen 24 inches square by 1 and 1/2 inches H panels per box which allow for easy shipping and handling. This comes in an expansion pack available with it as an extra. This Smart Deck spa supporting patio supports up to 300 lbs per square ft.

This is a smart alternative to cement construction or wood construction.

That too, this deck supporting system does not cost that much high in comparison with cement spa patio or wooden spa patio.

In spite of having all these positive features, this Smart Deck spa support system is not having a good user rating and review in Amazon’s official website.

There are also other spa deck patios in the market which are having two steps. They have comparatively better user ratings and reviews rather than Smart Deck Spa Support patio.

But all these two stepped patios are much space-consuming than this patio, whereas both are having the almost similar supporting volume of spa weight.

So you should decide to purchase the spa supporting deck checking all the pros and cons for both of the alternatives.

Some users also prefer purchasing some subsidiary accessories like Spa and hot tub cover lifter or removers.

You can check out this variety sold by EZ Lift.

Key Features:

  • Type / Classification: Spa Deck support system
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Original Dimension: 36inches x 32inches x 26 inches
  • Decked Dimension: Smart Deck panels lock together to create an 8 feet x 8 feet deck
  • Panel length x Panel width: 24 inches x 24 inches and thickness 1 and 1/2 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 125 pounds
  • External finish: Textured surface and metallic black color
  • Internal finish: Structural composite ribbing to support spa weight
  • Specialities: Exclusive bullnose edging which is a smart alternative to cement or wood deck
  • Package contains:

(i) Spa Deck with structural composite ribbing cage and optional bullnose edging.

(ii) An expansion pack with four 24 inches square panels per pack.

(iii) A smart deck installation instructional manual with pad assembly instructions with the illustration.

SmartDeck Spa Deck Spa Support System Review


  • Easy setup and innovative spa patio. No tools are needed for set up.
  • Provides a perfect solution to the problem of establishing a flat and level spa surface.
  • Structural composite ribbing supports spa weight perfectly.
  • Unique interlocking modular design allows you to choose the size and configuration that is perfect for setting-up your spa environment.
  • Each panel locks together allowing the creation of small or large decks (if required).
  • The metallic textured surface along with black colour add the deck an elegant appeal.
  • Exclusive bullnose edging is a smart alternative to cement or wood deck composition, which gives it a thoroughly suave appearance.
  • Great for both permanent and temporary usage.


  • This smart deck spa patio supports up to 300 lbs per square ft. It does not support any volume more than this.
  • There is no warranty provided with this product. Customer support also does not ensure help for 24×7. Hence if you want to replace any part, please beware.

Spa Deck Pad Assembly Instructions:

Step 1: You need to arrange for ground preparation first.

The ground surface requires to be flat and level within a bubble on a level. Almost any kind of surface is acceptable for a Smart Deck.

Lay each deck piece out in the pattern you are going to assemble with the top flat surface down.

Each deck part needs to have two H brackets to lock the parts together on each side of the part except the very outside of the deck pattern. Position H bracket over J slot on two adjacent pads.

Then push H bracket down into J slot.

Afterwards, push H bracket forward in J slot and rotate H bracket down into pads.

Then push H bracket down until the lock tabs engage insides of the pads. A rubber mallet should be used to tap the brackets into place.

Step 2: Now, you need to use the optional trim kit.

Push bullnose straight edging piece down into the slots on the ends of pads until the lock tab engages into the pad.

Step 3: Finally, push bullnose corner piece straight down into the slots on the ends of bullnose straight edging until bullnose corner piece snaps into the edging.

Now, you are done with getting the Smart Deck pad fully assembled.

Customer Reviews:

Smart Deck Spa Support System has 1 star out of 5 in Amazon’s official website as reviewed by the users (click here to see).

There are very few numbers of users who have used this Spa Deck patio.

And whoever used it, rated it very dissatisfactory. They have complained about bad service and quick damage.

Even though it is having a seemingly hardy structural ribbing cage, it is not good from a longevity perspective.

The users have used other alternative subsidiary accessories for supporting spa deck like Intex 85 inches Pure Spa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set, SaluSpa Paris AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub with LED light show, MSPA M-1155 Luxury Exotic Outdoor Spas, etc. Which have better user ratings for their good services.