Smartpool Aurora White Halogen Pool Light Review

The reason for Smartpool Aurora White Halogen Pool Light being so popular; it is compatible especially with the above the ground pools.

In addition to this, it has to be stated that these pool lights can be used for both in the ground and above the ground pools.

This bulb has already become a big seller in the market as the sales figures have shot through the roof already.

aurora lights for above ground pools

The Uniqueness of the Smartpool Aurora White Halogen Pool Light

The good thing about using these pool lights is that you are doing your bit for the environment as the halogen bulb does not emit any harmful gases.

So it is evident that these are eco-friendly bulbs so you can set a nice example for your friends. So if you are considering in replacing the incandescent bulbs you can consider the Smartpool Aurora White Halogen Pool Light.

As a customer, you will be quite happy with the performance of the bulb.

The features of the Smartpool Aurora

This bulb is a huge improvement over the previous models that were released by the company.

This is one of the main reasons as to why people have become so receptive to this bulb.

  1. Very easy installation: There is no doubt that this bulb can be installed without any problems at all. This can fit into the return line of the pool without any trouble, so you do not have to indulge in any drilling
  2. Great finishing: If you have had bad experiences with other products well you can rest assured that this product is built to last for a very long time
  3. Fantastic illumination: Since the bulb gives out a very bright light your entire pool will be well lit, so you can enjoy a night swim if you want to. This is perfect as some people feel scared of swimming in a pool that is not well lit
  4. Very safe: This bulb is quite safe to use as it runs on 12 volts of electricity
  5. Great packaging: The manufacturer gives us a 25 feet cord, a manual for installation and a transformer that is about 12 volts.

aurora dimensions

The Pros and Cons

Every product has its share of negatives and pluses but it is up to work around the negatives to get the best out of the product.

So let us look at the pros and cons of the Smartpool Aurora White Halogen Pool Light.

The Pros

  • These pool lights are very bright indeed and considering the fact that they work on 12 volts of electricity they are able to create a lot of brightness in the pool area.
  • Since the bulb uses minimal electricity there are no chances of electrocution.
  • The installation is a breeze, simply follow the instructions on the manual and you are good to go.
  • The product is quite reasonable as it is sold for $105.99. You will come across many seasonal offers, offering fabulous discounts in the process.

The Cons

Some customers have stated that the quality of the product is quite flimsy and that it breaks, but that could also happen because it is not handled the right way.

Some people are disappointed when they compare its brightness with a fluorescent bulb.

All these products have one thing in common that of quality and there are no doubts about it. We have reviewed the best in class pool lights exhaustively.

This is very true that all these products are truly a class apart from many of above ground pool light.

Hope we have provided valuable insights into each product we reviewed and will finally help you to make an informed decision before you shell your money into one.