One of the biggest dreams of any homeowner would be to build a swimming pool.

However, with real estate soaring high and availability of residential land going low, several house owners have resorted to one solution of investing in pools.

This has become a choice of many as installing pools of various shapes and sizes have become quite easy with this option.

Talking about shapes brings us to this discussion that of Splash Pools Deluxe Oval Package Reviews today.

Why is this even necessary?

If you ask us, then we have to say that a lot of our readers have come up with this question about what shape of above the ground pool is convenient for them.

We have tried to compile everything for them in this post as part of the various Pool Reviews that we provide.

The truth about oval pools To start with Splash Pools Deluxe Oval is readily available in the market. This indicates that there is a demand for these pools even if things may go against them.

The main thing that bothers many people is the unique shape of an oval pool.

Here, you need to mark our words that there is basically no difference in the maintenance of these pools in comparison to the round ones.

Choose the right shape, round, rectangular or oval according to your requirement, choice, and availability of space.

So rest assured you can try to install it provided that your backyard has enough space for any pool, let alone an oval one.

Available Sizes of Oval Above Ground Pools

These, in reality, are special pools that may require specialized labor to set the whole thing up.

We will get into that discussion in details as we proceed, as of now let us discuss the sizes that are at hand in the market, as in:

  • 18 Ft by 52 inches
  • 24 Ft by 52 inches
  • 30 Ft by 15 Ft by 52 inches
  • 33 Ft by 18 Ft by 52 inches
  • 45 Ft by 18 Ft 52 inches
  • 27 Ft by 52 inches

There is no need to explain that these can give you the feel of that cosy family pool or an elaborate classy one that can entertain quite a number of guests at one single time.

This probably makes it different from the rest, speaking with a different perspective it has to be acknowledged that these pools are truly matchless.

Distinctive Features of Splash Pools Deluxe Oval

Just like any other above the ground pool, Splash Pools Deluxe Oval also come with detailed features that are more than enough to bowl over any pool enthusiast.

Some of such features have been explained here in details so that the slightest that lurks in your mind can be clarified with its exclusiveness.

  1. Design – Before we even go into any details, you have to agree that the oval shape has lured you into reading this. True, we know that! Taking a cue from that note, it has to be deliberated that these pools are designed on the basis of the state of the art technology that makes them different from yesteryear Oval pools for sure. Their killing simplicity makes them gorgeous and of course, the beautiful elliptical shape makes all the difference.
  1. Performance – As far as the performance of these oval pools is concerned it has to be stated that they are no less satisfying than any other pool. The cuteness of their appeal lies in the egg-shaped structure that lets you splash more water (i.e. if you really like doing so). It is sturdy and there are no doubts about the fact that oval-shaped Splash Pools Deluxe certainly live up to the expectation of their brand name.
  1. Installation – Come on, we do not want to bore you by being repetitive here. Remember we have dedicated one whole section to how to install a pool? Please feel free to read all of them at your own convenience as they are quite useful a resort. Nonetheless, we can assure this much that installing these ground pools may need additional dexterity, that we will not deny, but once done you will know that it is not rocket science at all. Moreover, the manufacturer has provided a well-illustrated video that makes it a cakewalk for anyone.
  1. Supplies – Okay, for this we have to begin with its components, that are dipped in galvanized steel with deeper corrugation that can withstand all kinds of climatic changes and a galvanized steel ladder with none other than resin steps, Thru-the-Wall skimmer, motor, and 1-horsepower pump.
  1. Pool Maintenance – From the above description one thing becomes quite clear that maintaining these pools are not that difficult. Trust us it is easier to maintain and it is true. A word to the wise would be to say that once you purchase something like a pool then it is apparent that you will pay little attention to it for smooth running. One tip would be to keep it clean so that it is always ready for a swim!
  1. Support – Now this is the most exciting part about Splash Pools Deluxe Oval Package that this company has extended lifetime support for free to its customers. What makes this more tempting is the 15 years manufacturer’s warranty that accompanies this product. 
  1. Price – Although a few may argue this to belong to that fancy price category, if you actually evaluate the price of an in-ground pool, then you will know that an above ground pool’s asking price is nothing as compared to them. 

We reviewed Splash Pools Round Deluxe Pool Package as well, check it out!


The swimming pool has many points that go into their favour and an oval has some more in addition like:

  • The elegant look
  • Swim in circles
  • Can swim in laps
  • Expect to get more volume of water
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Are a good choice when you have compact space owing to a surrounding fence or even trees
  • Safe for children
  • Can be installed faster
  • Permanent resolution


Splash Pools Deluxe Oval Package is no exception to the fact that everything is not perfect.

In fact, most people dread to install it because it may take real experts to assemble it.

This in a way should be considered to be good because you can get it put up permanently at one go.

Another factor that many have pointed out is that a lot of water gets kicked off the pool because of its shape.

Well, this could be simply because of the way you swim or collision of any other kind. Undoubtedly can’t blame the shape for this.

What were they thinking?

Benefits of Installation

One of the biggest benefits of using the Oval pool is that they are good looking.

Yes, we cannot overlook this point as its attractiveness is beyond comparison.

Then there is more to it like:

  • These pools are extremely safe, even for children
  • A permanent solution for all those who want a pool
  • Faster installation especially with the video
  • Spacious to swim in (can manage laps too)
  • Good for installation in places that have space crunch owing to trees, boundaries or fences
  • You do not have to pay taxes like people who do with their pools

Why Should You Have It?

This is difficult to answer.

It can be summed up somewhat like this that if you like spending quality time with your family then, it can provide you with all the facilities for doing so.

So go on the throw that pool party you have always dreamed of. Give your friends and family the reason to relax after a hectic week.

Still confuse? Here is the list of best above ground pools we compiled after having years of pool experience. Have a look.

In a nutshell, it has to be mentioned that we have tried to incorporate everything that we could be owing to Splash Pools Deluxe Oval Package Reviews.

There is no need to elucidate that we rule in its favor because of its rare features. Besides, we highly recommend the use of Pool Supplies like heaters that can assist you to take a plunge even during the winter months.

Also, remember to use pool liners as it can provide extra protection. So get ready with more Fun and Games this season with these pools. This could turn out to be the moment for you and your family.

Take an initiative with pride and get one today!  

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