In this post, you will learn how to build a pool this summer.

The post consists of 8 steps to build a swimming pool from scratch.

Let’s Do This!

Step 1: Permit

After you have chosen which pool to buy from all the budget pools, clearance swimming pools, and cheap pools, the first and foremost thing to do is to get the permit for installing the pool.

To avoid any future troubles with pool installation, search for the local office that deals with swimming pool installation.

You will need to fill out an application with the details about your swimming pool. The office will send over a surveyor who will make sure that your location suits all the necessary requirements for installing an above ground pool.

After the construction permit is received, you may go ahead with the installation process of the pool.

Step 2: Site Selection

Once the construction permit for installing the pool is received, you have to finalize the location for the pool installation.

Once the pool is constructed it will be less likely to shift the place, so the backyard can be an ideal place for a pool. The privacy factor of the location is another thing to consider.

Step 3: Site Preparation

After the location for pool installation is finalized, the first step is to mark the area. The dimensions of the pool need to be marked to make sure the site is properly prepared.

The second step for site preparation while installing a pool is removing the sod. The ground for installing the pool needs to be clear and level for which the surface of the ground with grass needs to be cleared off.

Next, we come to level the ground for pool installation. The entire site needs to be levelled equally before the actual above ground pool installation begins.

Step 4: Installation Process

The first thing to consider is the Drainage option. Before framing the pool, mark the drainage area that supports seamless water transfers.

Build the foundation of the swimming pool by placing the blocks which are essentially stones or patio blocks.

The next step is to assemble the pool walls. Follow the pool’s perimeter wall to ensure the pool is being assembled as per the shape. Connect the walls using nut and bolts.

Finally, the gaps between the walls and the ground need to be filled. Level the inside soil of the above ground pool again.

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Step 5: Linear Installation

Linear forms the base of a pool. It is basically a cover made of vinyl which is used to hold the water inside the framework of the pool.

Avoid any air bubbles to form in between the vinyl cover and the ground of the swimming pool. Try to ensure there are no wrinkles or ripples and that the vinyl is attached as perfectly as possible without wear and tear.

Step 6: Technical Installations

Some arrangements for providing electricity to the pool is needed. In order for the pool pump to work and to add pool lighting, an electrical outlet is a must.

Then after the electrical requirements are taken care of, next comes to the pool pumping system.

Pump and filter systems sometimes need professional assistance to install.

But it is of utmost importance as the pool pump and filters remove debris and control the chlorine in the swimming pool.

Step 7: Framing the Pool

One of the final stages while installing a pool is assembling the framework. Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for this process.

Make sure the shape and roundness of the pool stay intact throughout the framing process of the above ground pool.

Take the help of a professional if required or protect yourself using proper equipment and gear.

Step 8: Fill up the Pool

Now the above ground pool is finally ready to be filled with water.

Before that, carry out an inspection to make sure everything including electricity, pump and filter are properly installed to make sure the budget pool works efficiently.

Start filling the pool with clean uncontaminated water to the brim.

Additional Step: Pool Designing (For Inspiration)

So far we have covered all the elements related to pools cost, including aspects of purchasing cheap pools, budget pools and discussed details of installation cost.

We have also gone through the difference in cost factors between a swimming pool for sale that is an inground pool and above ground swimming pools for sale.

But still many people opt for inground pools because of the look and beauty factor.

They spend almost 3x more than a pool cost because they want to give their backyard a look that makes it difficult for people to take their eyes off.

So, in this section, we’ll be solving that problem and taking care of that demand as well.

The Best DIY project one can do in their backyard is redecorating their pool.

Here are some ideas to help your creative mind generate some weekend family tasks :

1) Pathway and Border

One of the simplest and most efficient ways to decorate the landscape of your pool is to create a walkway and a border around the pool.

The border needs to be at least a foot away from the bottom of the pool. Stones, concrete and decorative rocks can be used.

A pathway leading to the pool not only adds to the beautification of the backyard but also prevents people from walking on the grass and ruining it.

Patio stones can be a good option for the steps.

2) Lighting

The pool can absolutely stand out with a little addition of lighting to the decor of the landscape.

You can do this by adding lights to the pool’s pathway, some surrounding the border and some can also be added to the top of the deck or the frame of the pool.

3) Pool Deck

To increase your pool’s overall functionality, value and attractiveness, one of the best above ground pool DIYs can be to build a Deck.

It requires more planning and work than building a pathway or adding lighting but the work sure pays off with the final look.

Building a staircase makes the budget pool looks classy and the deck provides a place for leisure without having the necessity to swim all the time.

Here we end our guide. Please let us know when you’re going to plan to build a swimming pool?

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